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The Multicam camouflage pattern helps soldiers hide in different environments, seasons, elevations and weather conditions. Its strong points hinge on its ability to reflect the surrounding environment, disguise volume and shape and balance of scale and contrast. The people behind the Multicam camouflage pattern spent a year and a half testing the design with the US Army, which they called Operation Enduring Freedom Camouflage Pattern or the OCP. The results of these tests were more than what they hoped for and after two consecutive tests where they were consistently top ranked, they produced it for large scale use and was henceforth known as the Multicam.

The Multicam camouflage pattern is a single camouflage pattern made up of seven different hues. Designed to reflect some of the colors of the environment, it mimics the green shades of a forest canopy or the seemingly monotonous tan of the open desert. One of the Multicam camouflage pattern’s strengths is its ability to distort the way the human eye perceives shape, volume and color. Since only a small portion of the human eye actually sees colors, the brain fills in the majority, which tricks the observer in perceiving the Multicam as part of the background. The Multicam design works to blend instead of utilizing contrast. This is why it works in a variety of environments including close distances. Usually, short distances compromise concealment when a soldier uses a camouflage with bulky or pixilated patterns.

The Multicam Camouflage Pattern is used by the Armed Forces of several countries. In the United States, Multicam uniform items are used by the US Military’s Special Operation’s Command. The US Army’s 2nd Battalion, 12th Infantry Regiment, Charlie Company was spotted wearing Multicam uniforms. The Drug Enforcement Agency and the Department of Homeland Security also use it. The USAF also announced that they will be using the Multicam for some of their official uniforms.

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