Technology Infiltrates The Army

With smartphones becoming the preferred mode of communication, it was only a matter of time before the Military can find an excellent use for such technology. That time has arrived with the Fort Meade Public Affairs Office announcing the opening of their mobile-friendly website.

Jason Kelly, PAO emerging media manager agree that "our society is very mobile". Further, he believes that the Fort Meade mobile website makes it easier to get information using smartphones while away from desktop computers. 

The idea just came up two weeks ago but Kelly immediately began designing and testing the application. The result reveals two noteworthy attributes.

·         Designed with the general audience in mind, the application works on any smartphone equipped with an Internet browser.
·         Users can choose to get information like schedule changes via the website or through a text message.

Users can access the mobile version of Fort Meade's website at www.ftmeade.army.mil using any smartphone. The website includes a telephone directory, calendar of upcoming events, directions to post from the surrounding area, the menu for the Freedom Inn Dining Facility, content for the weekly Soundoff! Newspaper and access to social media sites. Kelly reveals they are looking at ways to customize information for internal and external communities. 

To get text messages, users need to register to the service by typing, follow ftmeadealert, and sending the message to 40404.  Text messages for changes in operating schedules will be automatically sent to registered users. Texts are sent via Twitter but don’t require registration in the social media site. Standard SMS rates apply but the service itself is offered free by Fort Meade.

Director of Public Affairs Office, Chad Jones, is pleased with the application's launch. He says, "Our goal at PAO is to make information as accessible and useful as possible". The new mobile friendly website helps the Army do that. Jones adds that he "wants to encourage feedback from the community to make this as effective as possible".

According to Kelly, Fort Meade is the first military community to launch a mobile friendly website that doesn't need additional apps to access. He said, "We’re offering a new example of how to embrace emerging media to better communicate with our community" through the enhanced version of the website. 


The Intelligence Behind The American Soldier’s Clothing And Gear

Gearing up the American soldier for the challenges he encounters in the field of combat is no simple feat. So much thought is put into each item, ensuring that the soldier's concentration is solely focused on the task at hand and not on worrying over his gear.

At Natick, improving what the American soldier wears is a constant challenge. A team of experts that includes scientists, engineers, textile technologists, clothing designers, retired military equipment specialists and experts in other fields, work towards three common goals; and that is to improve functionality, durability and comfort.

The dedication and passion that each expert in the team has is as awesome as their expertise. Assisting in the design of helmets, body armor, boots, gloves, uniforms and flame resistant gear, they never stop improving on these items to ensure that the American soldier has the equipment to survive and at the same time, be comfortable while wearing it. This incessant pursuit of excellence stems from the fact that the experts at Natick want these soldiers to have the best equipment and gear they could possibly provide. Jay Connors, division leader, Warrior Equipment and Systems Division at Natick Soldier Research, Development and Engineering Center, or NSRDEC said, "They are dedicated in this vein because they want to do the right thing by our Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines”.

A former Marine Reservist, Connors has travelled to Afghanistan thrice and has been outfitted in the same uniform and gear that the soldiers use. He said he was completely confident because the gear was the best stuff out there and he knows it. The NSRDEC supports the Program Executive Office Soldier by providing them with engineers, clothing designers, textile technologists and chemists for developing soldier gear and clothing. Ben Cooper, a colleague of Connors, is the footwear project engineer in the Footwear Performance Laboratory or FPL. The scientific analyses, which his department does, have a direct influence in the development of the footwear that will eventually be used by soldiers, special operators, Marines and sailors.

The FPL ensures performance by testing stiffness, heat insulation, impact pressure, flexibility and slip resistance until they are fully satisfied with it. Cooper compares the American soldier to a high-performance athlete and that’s what they keep in mind when working on the soldier’s footgear. The FPL has developed waterproof boots, hot weather boots, cold weather boots and blast protective boots. Soldiers in Afghanistan have been equipped with combat boots that provide better ankle stability and more secure lacing systems. These improvements were realized because of the feedback they get from the field. They can only develop the most ideal footgear for soldiers when they have a complete idea of what they want and what they need. Recent data has shown that the improvements made significantly decreased the number of soldiers’ lower leg injuries.

Next up for the FPL is the Modular Boot System which is expected to maximize efficiency without sacrificing comfort or safety.  This footgear will come with three components consisting of two removable liners, an insulated garter and base boot which will be a hot weather, flame resistant boot. The people at FPL are currently working hard to get this boot into circulation as this will considerably cut down the number of boots that have to be lugged around by the soldier. Suitable for dry, wet, extremely hot and cold temperatures, field tests are expected to commence by fiscal year 2013.

Team leader for the Design, Pattern and Prototype Team; Annette LaFleur and her tailors work just as hard as the FPL. The physical environment of Iraq and Afghanistan provides challenges that are more than what the average person would expect in a dry climate. Extreme cold, heat, sand and wind should be considered and according to Lafleur, “to design with the focus on durability and repair-ability is key”. She adds that the soldier’s clothing must work as a system and that means integration is a crucial part of the design. Focusing on designing soldier’s clothing that maximizes ability to accomplish their mission, enhances quality of life, protection and survival ability, Lafleur states that the place and the mission make the clothes. Currently, the focus is on more protective fire-resistant fabrics, the use of breathable fabrics, blast and ballistic protection and always using light fabrics to ensure comfort.

Connors says that the NSRDEC is all about collaboration, resulting to better knowledge, better data collection and the ability to make better decisions. He wants soldiers to know that the division will keep on working to make sure that those in the field have the right stuff to meet their mission requirements.


Army Combat Gear & Uniform Changes Set for 2012

Though the official announcement has yet to be made, Colonel William Cole, program manager of Soldier Protection and Individual Protection said that new hot weather combat boots and stronger ACU pants will be released in 2012. Along with the new boots and pants, a new and better combat glove will also be released.Specific information about these changes are limited, however, it is known that the Twill combat pants will be made of "significantly" stronger fabrics and will come with knee pads. These pants will be using the Operation Enduring Freedom Camouflage Pattern, better known as the OCP. It is noted that the OCP ACUs will likewise have stronger fabrics that offer about a 50% improvement.

The ACU digital uniform will be
made with a stronger material next year.
This improved fabric will most likely necessitate importation of materials and as required by the Berry Amendment, the U.S. Armed Forces should use American made textile. Using foreign made materials for this purpose would have to pass through Congress and necessitates a congressional waiver to be pushed through. The Defender M material consists of 65% flame-resistant rayon and the fibers used in them are from the Austrian based company, Lenzing. Only the fibers are bought from Lenzing, the weaving and all other processing it undergoes thereafter are done in the U.S.

U.S. based manufacturers argue that viable domestic alternatives to rayon are available. Because of this, there are rumors that these manufacturers are seeking to get the congressional waiver cancelled. Alternatives do exist and the Armed Forces are well aware of this fact. In 2008, the Air Force chose the Abrams V fabric for use in flame resistant ground combat equipment, a blend of nylon, cotton and Nomex and 100% U.S. produced. Nomex, however, is more expensive and needs a longer time to produce. Furthermore, rayon is more comfortable, moisture absorbent and can be easily dyed.

The new hot weather boots is expected to provide better ankle and foot support but will most likely be stiffer when worn. In February 2011, the U.S. chose the Belleville 950 Combat Mountain Hiker, which will be issued in addition to the current combat boots. Featuring a Vibram Bifida outsole, it boasts of better support, grip, fit and durability as ut is 20% thicker than what most combat boots have.

Col. Cole's office also revealed that selection is ongoing for the new ACU camouflage pattern, in which 20 submissions are being reviewed. It will be followed by wear and field tests and if all goes according to schedule, production of the new ACUs will commence in October of 2012.


A New Selection of Camo Clothing for Babies

At Military Uniform Supply.com, you can now find many great choices for infant and toddler camo clothing and accessories. Carrying a wide assortment of camouflage infant clothes, blankets, bibs and many other clothing necessities, you get to choose traditional as well as non traditional camouflage colors like pink. Coming at very affordable prices, MUS.com offers a variety of infant camo T-Shirts in short and long sleeved styles. Made of one hundred percent cotton, these shirts are very comfortable and come in many sizes.

Mostly made by Rothco, MUS.com provides the assurance of quality, comfort and safety because they know that babies are precious. MUS.com offers infant camo T-shirts in Baby Pink, ACU and Woodland Digital as well as shirts designed with words like “Army Brat” and “Thank My Dad.” Reasonably priced at $7.49 for the camo T-Shirts and $7.99 for the designed version, you can get a matching pair of pants for the same cost.

Infants need a variety of infant camo clothing accessories like bibs, crib caps, receiving blankets and fleece blankets and MUS.com offer these as well. You can get an infant camo bib in Woodland, ACU Digital and Baby Pink at $4.99 each, the Baby Pink receiving blanket at $7.99 and the Baby Pink camouflage fleece blanket at $24.99. Crib caps are sold for $4.99 and come in Woodland, ACU Digital and Baby Pink camouflage.

MUS.com provides military clothing items for practically everyone. Check out this online store's inventory of infant and toddler items but don't forget to find something for yourself, too. With many items to choose from, finding something that looks good on you won’t be a problem.


In The Spotlight: M-65 Field Jackets

The M-65 Field Jacket has been revolutionized over the years of its rich history. This style of jacket, once solely for army and military use, is now common for many recreational activities. Learn more about the M-65 field jacket from this video by Military Uniform Supply.

Explore the selection of M-65 field jackets available for purchase at MUS.


The Ideal Civil War Clothing Source For All Your Needs

A country is a product of its past. All the human frailties and strengths that formed its failures and triumphs make up the rich history and the pride of a nation. One of the most notable events in American war history is the Civil War between 1861 and 1865. An internal conflict of ideals that ended up with numerous fatalities, this war shook America to the core, bringing with it untold pain and sorrow as well as the dawning of a new era of hope and progress. Known and unknown personalities of those days were differentiated through their civil war uniforms. Today, Americans reenact those times wearing Union or Confederate uniforms, in remembrance of a war that united the American nation, making it the formidable world power it is at present.

Finding the perfect civil war uniforms for purposes of reenactment is a serious consideration, giving due respect to the role it played in American history. At the online military clothing supplier, Military Uniform Supply.com, you can find perfectly authentic reproductions of civil war union uniforms and Confederate uniforms. MUS.com is the leading internet source of Civil War clothing, accessories, gear and memorabilia, allowing you to come up with high quality vintage Civil War uniforms and battle attires. Carrying an assortment of Civil War gear and artifacts that were used by soldiers in those times, MUS.com ensures the provision of truly authentic Civil War costumes. Catering to adults as well as kids, MUS.com offers Civil War clothing that are so faithfully reproduced, you'll be proud to wear them for whatever purpose you may have a need for them.

Though relatively a new category at MilitaryUniformSupply.com, the store's inventory of Civil War clothing items is considerable. Added on regularly, there is always something new to look forward to every time you log on. The authentically reproduced Civil War union uniforms available at MUS.com are made of blue wool and can be completed with original brass buttons. Buttons played a significant role in both Union and Confederate Civil War uniforms, often featuring the state seal from which a soldier hails from. An assortment of these buttons is also available at MUS.com, with some coming in a variety of sizes that were actually used during those times. The forage caps used by Union soldiers can also be purchased through this outlet.

The civil war confederate uniforms, like the Civil War Union uniforms available at MUS.com are also authentically reproduced, featuring gray wool for both jackets and trousers and fastened on with brass buttons. A wide variety of Civil War Confederate buttons can be purchased to customize these Civil War clothes better. Also available are Confederate forage caps which were used by the soldiers of the South although a lot of them used a wide rimmed leather hat with their uniforms.

With the newly unveiled collection of authentically reproduced Civil War uniforms at Military Uniform Supply.com, you will have a convenient and reliable source for all your Civil War uniform needs, whether you're up for a grand reenactment of the American Civil War, for costume purposes like Halloween or to complete your collection of Civil War memorabilia. Competitively priced but with a high quality that faithfully replicates the actual clothing worn by Civil War soldiers, the vintage Civil War collection of MUS.com can satisfy your discerning eye, making you proud to wear them or include them in your collection.

So if you find yourself in need of Civil War clothing items, accessories and other paraphernalia, check out MUS.com's offerings. Ideal for reenactments, costume and collection purposes, their Civil War inventory features the items you need to perfectly capture the ideal uniform worn by Union and Confederate soldiers.

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Summary of The U.S. Army 2012 Modernization Plan

The US Army's Modernization Plan for fiscal year 2012 focuses to support budget requests by the President for Army Research, Development and Acquisition of equipment, likewise known as RDA funds.

The Army's 2012 Modernization Plan proposes means to carry out the established goals of the U.S. Army for this specific year. Within the plan, the US Army has prioritized select equipment and essentials for meeting current and future objectives. In part, the emphasis is to enable better preparation for any complex and unpredictable events that may occur.

The Plan takes into consideration the lessons appreciated in wars and conflicts that the United States has had recent involvement. Likewise, it enumerates details and necessities to come up with workable solutions to provide the Army with the equipment and other items to succeed in their operations.

For more information on the 2012 Army Modernization Plan, visit Army.mil.


Find Authentic Clothing Of The Civil War

With the American Civil War a major turning point in the country's history, clothing of the Civil War is used for various purposes depicting the glory of those times. A nation's history shapes its present and the lessons learned from it are as timely today as it was then. The online military outlet, MilitaryUniformSupply.com offers Civil War Union and Confederate reproduction uniforms plus an assortment of accessories the same as the ones actually used in those times. A reputable source of Civil War items, MUS.com ensures high quality and dependability when it comes to vintage Civil War clothing, gear and other paraphernalia.

Perfect for reenactments, costumes and as collectors' items, Civil War Union uniforms at MilitaryUniformSupply.com can be further customized with accessories such as replica brass buttons to make them more authentic. The Civil War U.S. Fatigue Sack Coat made of dark blue wool that was issued to Federal Troops during the Civil War is an exact replica of those worn by Union soldiers. It is an unlined coat with one inside breast pocket and comes with brass U.S. Eagle buttons. The Civil War Sky Blue U.S. Foot Trousers matches the sack coat and is made of sky blue wool. These are unlined trousers with pewter four-hole buttons. Reproduction Civil War Union Kepi Caps and Union Forage Caps are also available. Both made of blue wool with complete lining, these caps include genuine leather bills and neck straps with leather sweat bands inside. To make the Union Civil War Uniform complete and as authentic as possible, Civil War Adjustable Canvas Suspenders in natural color are sold along with Civil War leather gauntlets which were used by the Cavalry and other soldiers. An assortment of brass buttons representing the different Union states are also available for further customization if desired.

The Civil War Confederate uniforms, like the Union uniforms, can also be bought at MilitaryUniformSupply.com. Grey sack coats and foot trousers worn by Confederate soldiers as well as high quality accessories such as bras and chevron buttons, caps, muslin shirts and other Confederate items are sold at this online military supplies outlet. Issued to Confederate Troops during the Civil War, these uniforms are made of mixed grey wool and accessorized with either the grey forage or kepi cap. Muslin shirts worn beneath the grey coats lend a more genuine feel to these clothing items. Soldiers from the Confederate states used specialized brass buttons to identify the specific state from which they came from. At MUS.com, you can find these buttons in various sizes and in the exact design that were used in the original items.

The American Civil War happened 150 years ago but its lessons will forever be imprinted in the hearts of the American people. Often reenacted, the respect we have for the famous and unknown personages of those times is reflected in our remembrance of them. Coming up with a Union or Confederate uniform that is as authentic as can be is a form of respect and tribute for the many that helped shape the nation as we know it today. At MilitaryUniformSupply.com, we can offer a cost effective solution for your Civil War uniform needs, whether you are wearing one for reenactment purposes, as a costume for varied occasions or to complete your Civil War collection.

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The U.S. Army: A New Candidate for QR Codes

With cutting edge technology growing more prominently in the Nation’s safety, it is no wonder why the U.S. Army is among the most powerful armed forces organizations in the world. Some people prefer to cling to the old ways but with the tide turning towards technological progress, the U.S. Military cannot afford to be left behind.

Recently, the U.S. Army has tapped the use of QR codes. The Army.mil website recently featured this new technology which opens up a lot of new possibilities for the military as well as civilians. These codes, which stand for Quick Response Code look like little boxes that are stacked on top of one another. Scanned with a Blackberry, Android or iPhone, QR codes can hold a great amount of information.

In order to gain access to the information these QR codes hold, one has to download an application that will enable the Blackberry, Android or iPhone device to read them. Several scanning applications are available and you get them for free. Scanlife, ShopSavvy, Redlaser and JumpScan are some that provide these apps. After downloading them, you can just scan a QR code to unlock its contents. You can also use these apps to scan standard bar codes which you can see in practically everything you buy.

So, how can the Army use QR codes? Currently, Army Career Centers in the Sacramento Recruiting Battalion are creating QR codes to streamline recruiting efforts. These QR codes will be placed on the facility’s windows so that in the event that an applicant comes in with no one to provide him with the information he needs, it will be a simple matter of scanning the QR code to find information about the particular Army Career Center they are interested in. Such QR codes may even allow an applicant to be directed to the Facebook page of the Army Career Center.

If you think about it, the possibilities of QR codes are virtually limitless. A few areas where the use of QR codes has been tested are in trail markers for hiking, business cards, nutrition information, and retail. This is just the tip of the iceberg as people continuously find ways of using QR codes.


Find popular military uniform items with ease

The Multicam camouflage pattern helps soldiers hide in different environments, seasons, elevations and weather conditions. Its strong points hinge on its ability to reflect the surrounding environment, disguise volume and shape and balance of scale and contrast. The people behind the Multicam camouflage pattern spent a year and a half testing the design with the US Army, which they called Operation Enduring Freedom Camouflage Pattern or the OCP. The results of these tests were more than what they hoped for and after two consecutive tests where they were consistently top ranked, they produced it for large scale use and was henceforth known as the Multicam.

The Multicam camouflage pattern is a single camouflage pattern made up of seven different hues. Designed to reflect some of the colors of the environment, it mimics the green shades of a forest canopy or the seemingly monotonous tan of the open desert. One of the Multicam camouflage pattern’s strengths is its ability to distort the way the human eye perceives shape, volume and color. Since only a small portion of the human eye actually sees colors, the brain fills in the majority, which tricks the observer in perceiving the Multicam as part of the background. The Multicam design works to blend instead of utilizing contrast. This is why it works in a variety of environments including close distances. Usually, short distances compromise concealment when a soldier uses a camouflage with bulky or pixilated patterns.

The Multicam Camouflage Pattern is used by the Armed Forces of several countries. In the United States, Multicam uniform items are used by the US Military’s Special Operation’s Command. The US Army’s 2nd Battalion, 12th Infantry Regiment, Charlie Company was spotted wearing Multicam uniforms. The Drug Enforcement Agency and the Department of Homeland Security also use it. The USAF also announced that they will be using the Multicam for some of their official uniforms.

The online military store, MilitaryUniformSupply.com offers Multicam ACU items, including boonie hats, name tapes, branch tapes, rank insignias, unit patches, belts, socks and other accessories and paraphernalia on top of Multicam jackets, trousers and boots. Offering high quality, military specified items, MUS.com makes it easy for shoppers to locate items that are difficult to find because of the sheer number listed under it. The website’s quickfinder pages enable visitors to gain easy access to the items they are primarily looking for without wasting precious time figuring out where it is. Located on the left side of the MUS.com pages under the heading “Categories”, the Unit Item Quickfinder is divided according to divisions. If you’d rather browse through the website according to item, you will also easily find them in the category list.

MUS.com’s Item Quickfinder allows customers to easily pinpoint what they need as it is represented in the image provided in the page. This feature is different than the Unit Item Quickfinder. For instance, if you are interested in Woodland BDU items, clicking on the image corresponding to it will bring you to the page where each Woodland BDU item is labeled and can be easily clicked on if you want to learn more about it or if you plan on making a purchase. If you’re looking for ACU Uniform and Multicam Uniform items, the same Item Quickfinder method can be used for easy access.

With MilitaryUniformSupply.com’s considerable experience in selling military items, you can be assured that you can find what you need in the quickest, easiest way. If you are looking for convenience, quality and affordability when buying popular military uniform items, choose MUS.com.


For Military Hats And Headgear, Go To MilitaryUniformSupply.com

Hats are worn for safety, religious and ceremonial reasons, as a fashion accessory, or as protection against the elements. Hats are also used to be worn as a status symbol, with certain hats only permitted to be used by the more affluent members of society. In the military, some hats represent nationality, service branch, rank and the division or the unit a service member belongs to. Some military hats such as boonie hats were born out of necessity, as soldiers found themselves in the tropical climate of Vietnam. The first boonie hats were developed to address the need for comfortable headgear but at the same time, provide a means for disguise and concealment.

Military hats and headgear are available at MilitaryUniformSupply.com. You can choose from a variety of ball caps and hats, head wraps and shemgahs, bandanas, patrol caps, condor tactical caps, berets and many others. Kevlar helmet covers are also available. Ball caps and hats are available in various designs including the five branches of the Armed Forces as well as veterans and retired, public safety, and pink ones emblazoned with the word “ARMY” for women and girls. If you’re looking for army and military berets, you can find an assortment of it at MUS. Choose from among tan, red, maroon, black, and green army beret colors suited for your needs. When in need of patrol caps and fatigue caps, you don’t have to look for it anywhere else. MilitaryUniformSupply.com has a wide array to choose from including ACU, ABU, Multicam and assorted desert camouflage patrol and fatigue hats for sale. For all your military headgear needs, MUS has it.

MUS is Tops for Boonie Hats

When it comes to boonie hats, one of the best sources you can find online is MilitaryUniformSupply.com. You can choose from among a great many choices of boonie hats at MUS. Mostly made in various camouflage designs, solid colored boonie hats are also available. While boonie hats provide comfort for the one who wears it, keeping his head cool with mesh or metal air vents, its concealment abilities are also considerable. The boonie hat has a foliage ring, onto which twigs, branches, leaves and other forms of vegetation are inserted to enhance disguise although it can also be used without these. One of the widest selections of boonie hats can be found at MUS, including the ACU boonie hat by Propper.

At the online store, MilitaryUniformSupply.com, you'll find the Propper ACU boonie hat in digitized fabric. You'll also find the multicam boonie hat which can be great for various outdoor activities. Multicam is one of the most sought after camouflage pattern today because of its outstanding camouflage capabilities. Featuring seven different hues matching actual colors from the environment, people's perceptions of color are tricked when viewing the multicam pattern. The Multicam boonie hat has a wide stiff brim, available in sizes small, medium, large and extra large. Other types of boonie hats have a short brim and are also available at MUS. They are suitable for men and women and for official or casual wear.

For all your military headgear needs, check out the stocks at MilitaryUniformSupply.com. Whether you’re shopping for your self or your kid, you’ll surely find something suitable at this online store.


Three Types Of American Flag Patches

There are five branches of the United States Armed Forces. This includes the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force and Coast Guard. Each of these branches requires its personnel to wear the American flag on the right sleeve of the service uniform. The wearing of dress uniforms and physical training uniforms do not require it. For military service members assigned to garrison duty or deployed in a combat zone, the wearing of American flag patches is a must unless otherwise ordered by their commanding officer. Generally, there are rules that must be followed when wearing American flag patches although there are no federal laws that govern it. However, some states have their own laws regarding its use.

American flag patches are worn by members of the Armed Forces, law enforcement officers and members of other such organizations as well as patriotic organizations. It is not allowed to be used when wearing athletic uniforms or costumes. If you are thinking about using one, you can choose either the forward-facing or the reverse field flags. The left side of the flag patch should be worn closest to the heart. This is the portion where the field of stars of the flag is positioned. This means that you need reverse American flag patches if you intend to use it on the right sleeve. This placement has an important significance as it means that the soldier wearing it runs forward to battle instead of running away from it as implied when the flag patch is worn with the stripes facing forward. Hook and pile fasteners were used since 2006 instead of sewing the flag patch directly onto the uniform.

Military personnel are authorized to use three types of American flag patches. These are the full-color flag, subdued flag and infrared flag patches. The discretion for wearing any of these types depends upon the commander of the unit. Full color flags consisting of red, white and blue colors with gold trim are most often worn for garrison duty. Subdued flag patches are used in the field where camouflage is essential. In this context, subdued means that the colors used for these American flag patches blends with the combat uniform worn; hence avoiding uncalled for attention from hostile forces. Subdued flags often consist of various shades of gray but are also available in other equally drab colors. Infrared flags are also usually made of varying shades of gray but black and tan infrared flag patch and olive drab infrared flag patch are also sold through military supply outlets. These infrared flag patches have a visible IR signature when viewed through night vision equipment. They are most often used for field and combat duty and very seldom for garrison wear.

Infrared flag patches are forms of combat identification. Designed to protect soldiers from friendly fire, these infrared flag patches are observed using night vision equipment commonly found in combat helicopters and other modern combat aircraft. They are not easily differentiated from the combat uniform when viewed through the naked eye; therefore, they do not compromise the camouflage value of the combat uniform. The United States presently restricts the sales and usage of infrared flag patches to “military personnel only” because Taliban and Al-Qaeda members were able to purchase them freely when the restrictions were not yet in place. The coalition attack aircraft were not authorized to fire on anyone wearing it, hence providing enemy forces with the same protection accorded to ISAF personnel. Illegal distribution, however, still occurs and their popularity with those who engage in airsoft led to the development of replica versions that are not infrared receptive.

American flag patches, both in full and subdued colors are available through the online military store, MillitaryUniformSupply.com. Military personnel authorized to wear infrared flag patches can find the Infrared Reverse American Flag in Tan and Black and the Infrared Reverse OD American Flag, an olive drab infrared flag patch, at MillitaryUniformSupply.com. Both GI issued infrared patches, feature a reverse reflective flag and are attached with hook fasteners. They come in the same size of 2 1/8” x 3 ½” with the US flag is clearly visible under IR light illumination. Reverse Flag Patch Foliage Green in sew on type or Velcro are also available as well as a forward facing Gray on Black American Flag Patch with hook.


New, Unique Military Products at MUS

Military Uniform Supply continues to add top quality products to their website of over 24,000 items. A few new products that were recently added to the MUS inventory offer great utility for army and military personnel.

The first new product is a stainless steel field mirror. This handy survival item can be used in many ways, including shaving and personal hygiene, sending signals, applying camouflage paint, and for tactical operations. The stainless steel military field mirror measures approximately 3 inches x 3 7/8 inches and will fit into most pockets or into a camouflage pouch available for purchase at www.MilitaryUniformSupply.com.

Next on list of new products at MUS is the identification tag card holder. The ID tag card holder features a metal clasp that easily attaches to pockets and clothing. It measures 3 1/2 inches x 4 1/3 inches and is an affordable way to supply an organization with large quantities of ID holders for upcoming meetings, classes and seminars.

Military Uniform Supply also now offers plastic blue infantry discs for Army Infantry soldiers. These plastic infantry discs are designed to fit underneath the U.S. Gold Lapel Disc and the Infantry crossed rifles gold lapel disc worn on the collar of the U.S. Army Class A Dress Uniform. The blue discs make the infantry soldier’s Green Service Uniform unique, especially when accompanied with the Blue Infantry cord, which is also for sale at www.MilitaryUniformSupply.com.


Top Source for Multicam Gear and Equipment

When it comes to military clothing, few can equal the large inventory that the online military store, Military Uniform Supply.com has. They are specialists in military uniforms, clothing and gear and accessories as well as kids’ military clothing. When it comes to multicam gear and equipment, MUS.com is the top source wherein you can get all that you need or desire at reasonable costs. For military personnel, people whose passions are directed towards all things military and for those whose fashion sense are geared towards it, taking a look at what MUS.com has to offer can definitely give you something to be happy about.

MilitaryUniformSupply.com has a great selection of Multicam jackets and coats printed with the Operation Enduring Freedom Camouflage Pattern and made with a combination of varying amounts of nylon and Cotton Ripstop, polyester and Cotton Battle Rip and polyester and Cotton Twill. This collection is available in ACU or BDU styles and is based on military specifications. They also sell Propper Flame Resistant Multicam ACU Style Jacket made of Tencate Defender M fabric that sets the standard for fire retardant military combat uniforms. Water proof ECWS Gen-2 Multicam parkas and Multicam Tru-Spec M-65 Field Jackets are also available and many others.

The Multicam jackets they offer have counterpart trousers in the pants and trousers category of the website. Multicam ACU pants are worn with its specified jacket for official purposes. They are made in the Multicam pattern and use a combination of nylon and Cotton Ripstop, Polyester and Cotton Battle Rip and Polyester Cotton Twill. Like the jackets, they are made according to military specifications. They have Multicam Frog Trousers and Propper ACU Pants Flame Resistant Multicam. The former are sewn to the official Marine Frog specs and the latter is approved for use by the US Army. They also sell the BDU Zipper Fly Shorts in Multicam which is made of 65% polyester and 35% Cotton Ripstop.

The high demand for Multicam uniform clothing has increased the need for Multicam footwear. At MUS.com, you can choose the right Multicam footwear that will answer your needs perfectly. They have the Belleville KIOWA TR505-Lightweight Tactical Research Multicam which boasts of a sleek, low profile outsole for enhanced feel and mobility. They also have the Belleville KHYBER TR-560 Mountain Hybrid Boots, Belleville 330 ST Waterproof Steel Toe Flight Boots in chocolate brown, Belleville 700 Waterproof Duty and Insulated Boots in black, Belleville 340 DES Hot Weather Desert Boots Flight and Combat Vehicle in tan, Belleville 551 ST Hot Weather Steel Toe Combat Boots in olive drab and the Altama 4250 USMC Certified Hot Weather Combat Boots in olive Mojave. For women, the Belleville F340 Hot Weather Flight and Combat Vehicle Desert Boots in tan are also available. All these can be worn with Multicam jackets and trousers.

As for multicam equipment like bags and backpacks, headgear, plate carriers, MOLLE gear and field equipment, you can find them all at Military Uniform Supply.com. They also carry branch and name tapes, Multicam flags and patches, rank insignias, Kevlar helmet bands and helmet covers and Multicam shirts. Practically everything you’ll need to come up with an official Multicam military uniform can be found at www.militaryuniformsupply.com.


The Benefits Of Flight Suits

The use of flight suits is popular among those who pilot a variety of aircrafts, such as jet airplanes, helicopters, and gliders. Initially used to provide warmth in open cockpits, flight suits have come a long way since they was first used in the early part of the 20th century.

Today, flight suits are practically designed for combat with most of them made with fire retardant materials and multiple pockets. As a full body garment with a cut similar to a jumpsuit, a standard military flight suit is typcially comfortable, warm, and safe to wear while flying.

Military flight suits are usually worn with rank insignias and though they are intended for use on an aircraft, military flight suits also double up as a combat uniform during close quarters battle or visit, board, search, and seizure situations because of its practicality. During these times, military personnel are confronted with situations wherein fire becomes a hazard and the fire retardant properties of the flight suits they wear can make a big difference in terms of survival. Nowadays, military personnel and private individuals alike can purchase fire retardant flight suits made of nomex or the new Interlock Fabric described to set a new and higher standard in safety as well as comfort. These items can be bought at online military suppliers such as MilitaryUniformSupply.com.

Air Force flight suits were originally designed to provide warmth in the freezing temperatures experienced in open cockpits and though the advent of pressurized cabins reduced this need, flight suits can still be counted on to keep you comfortable in low temperatures. The advent of pressurized cabins made bulky pilot wear impractical so the development of flight suits moved towards lighter, less bulky suits that still provide warmth for the one using it. Today, there are lots of options for you when you want to buy a flight suit. There are many different colors available like black, khaki, navy, sage and many others as well as in camouflage patterns. The ACU flight suit. is usually available in regular or fire- retardant models. Because of the optimal safety that a fire retardant ACU provides, it is usually more costly than a regular ACU flight suit. However, fire retardant flight suits are more preferred because of its exemplary fire safety features.

The flight suit's evolution to its present design is a product of thorough research as well as the military's desire to come up with comfortable but functional clothes that are specific for military pilots. Comfort is a trademark of military clothes and flight suits naturally follow the same course. Fit and design of flight suits are similar to jumpsuits and provide comfort just like it. It has multiple pockets which make it easy for people wearing it to keep their necessities within reach. The ease and convenience of flight suits are among the reasons why many private citizens wear it for work as well as recreation.

The most remarkable features of flight suits are the provision of warmth, comfort and safety to the wearer. These are also the characteristics that make people admire and acquire these clothes apart from those engaged in military concerns. Many types of military flight suits are available for sale at the online military store, MilitaryUniformSupply.com at reasonable prices. If you're looking for the right one for your needs, heading to that site will get you some pretty good selections to choose from.

Benefits Of Using Shirt Stays For Both Military And Formal Attire

We often admire the way military personnel carry their uniforms. The perfect fit of military clothing is indicative of the high standards of the Armed Forces but its achievement is ensured with the use of shirt stays. Practical and worn beneath the military uniform, shirt stays keep shirt tails tucked inside the trousers which prevent them from hanging out. They are also referred to as uniform shirt garters or shirt holders and while they are commonly associated with formal military dress uniforms, men also use them when wearing formal attire.

Shirt stays come in three different types although all three have the same purpose and generally works on the same principle. Whether you are using straight, Y-Style or Foot-Loop styles, these shirt stays work by pulling shirt tails down to ensure a snug fit. Straight and Y-Style shirt stays have clips on both ends which are attached to the ends of the shirts and tops of socks. Foot-Loops have clips that are attached to the shirt but are anchored to the foot in the same manner that a stirrup is used.

Shirt stays are great for military uniforms and formal dress wear because it makes sure that shirts stay wrinkle free; all the while providing a tight and smooth fit. It prevents shirts from frequently escaping the confines of the trousers in the course of one's duty and therefore allows him to be confident that his uniform looks neat and well put together all the time. The advantages of wearing shirt stays are not only exclusive to the military. Any one who wants to look good in formal wear can benefit from wearing shirt stays. Law enforcement officers, government officials and business executives are just some of those who can benefit from wearing shirt stays aside from military personnel. Men attending an important occasion where they are required to wear formal attire, benefit from shirt stays, too. There are numerous occasions like attending the prom, weddings, formal parties and others wherein a pair of shirt stays come in handy. Whether for work or socializing, ensuring that your shirt tails stay where they belong creates a favorable impression to people you come in contact with.

Because outward appearance reveals so much about us, taking care that clothes fit well is an essential part of good grooming. It is an important part of military training but everyone who wants to create a good impression can hardly afford to neglect it. It is not realistic to believe that a professional and tidy appearance in men can be maintained without the help of shirt stays when considering the usual duties that one has to attend to over the course of the day. Though suspenders are sometimes used, they work more like regular belts and cannot effectively prevent shirts from bunching out. Unlike shirt stays they are worn outside the shirt which makes them less preferable options as well.

Aside from its benefit on one's appearance, military shirt stays makes the person who wears it feel secure that he doesn't need to fix his shirt frequently. The need to periodically ensure that your shirt tails are not hanging out of your trousers or bunched around your waist can be tedious. This is why shirt stays are practical. They are not costly, considering what they do for your appearance. While military shirt stays are so-called because it is the military that makes the most use of them, however anyone can benefit from it in helping them create a wrinkle free and neat appearance as well as a good impression on others.

At MilitaryUniformSupply.com, you can find all types of black and white shirt stays. So, if you want to create a good impression on others and feel confident about the way your shirt fits, get a few shirt stays to wear with your military clothing, formal or work attire.


Supply Sergeant: Continuing a Tradition of Quality Merchandise and Excellent Service

In the seventeen years that MilitaryUniformSupply.com has existed, the online store has provided its customers with high quality and long lasting military items at very competitive prices. They have also aimed to provide you with top notch service and their good reputation stands testament to the fact that they have succeeded. The new army supply store, Supply Sergeant is part of MilitaryUniformSupply.com. Like MilitaryUniformSupply.com, it puts a high value on commitment and dependability as well as good service for its clients. Supply Sergeant’s specialty includes name tapes, name tags, BDUs and DCUs, flight suits, combat boots, jungle boots, jump boots, tanker boots, cargo pants, cargo shorts, duffle bags, navy pea coats, military style t-shirts and a lot, lot more.

Supply Sergeant is a trusted supplier of many army units of the US Armed Forces. Offering military uniforms that conform to military specifications, the store sells some of the most popular military combat uniforms. Their inventory includes Army Combat Uniforms, Airman Battle Uniforms, Battle Dress Uniforms, Desert Combat Uniforms, Multicam OCP Uniforms and A-TACS Uniforms. Aside from these they also carry Tiger Strip and Digital Camouflage military uniforms as well as solid colored uniforms and urban camouflage.

Kids’ military uniforms and accessories are some of the most popular items in an army supply store. It’s understandable because kids just love dressing up and for little boys, soldiers in uniform are among the most idolized figures of their young lives. At Supply Sergeant, you’ll have a great many choices ranging from kids’ military uniforms, coveralls and flight suits, kids’ ghillie suits, kids’ military boots, T-shirts, hats and caps, customized name tapes and patches. They also sell kids’ jackets and outerwear, long sleeves, thermals and sweatshirts, shorts, belts and socks as well as other military gear and accessories.

For military footwear like shoes, boots and socks, Supply Sergeant carries a wide inventory that serves men, women and children. Their military boots are made of various materials such as black leather, desert tan, sage green, Multicam and olive drab. They also have it in various designs like the popular black military boots, desert tan boots, jungle boots, jump boots, tanker boots and many others. Oxford dress shoes are also available if you are interested. Kids’ and women’s military boots can also be found there in a variety of colors, designs and styles. Other related items like socks, boot blousers, laces and zippers and care items such as boot polish are also sold.

As part of MilitaryUniformSupply.com, the Supply Sergeant ensures that the over-all service and merchandise are at par with what clients expect from MilitaryUniformSupply.com. They want to earn and keep your patronage and they ensure that they will work hard for it. If you’re looking for something specific, ask the assistance of the customer service department. They’ll be glad to help you out in any way they can. If you’re a new client and just about to check out what Supply Sergeant has to offer, just log on to www.supplysergeant.com.

ACU Patches: From The Simple To The Intricate; You Can Find It Here

Army patches have been used since the Revolutionary War when its main function was to establish the identity of the soldiers. Today, patches are used for other reasons, among which are to signify the soldier’s rank, unit or division and special achievements. Often, army patches reflect the pride and sense of belonging that soldiers have for the unit they are a part of. At the online military store, Military Uniform Supply.com, you can find a great selection of acu patches that adhere to US military specifications. Ranging from ROTC to Ranger patches, MilitaryUniformSupply.com can provide a solution when you need them. The store carries 591 types of acu patches that are attached with Velcro or an equivalent hook fastener.

The army unit patches sold at MilitaryUniformSupply.com come in various designs and match the camouflage pattern of the current ACU. Army unit patches bears symbols representative of the unit’s past, values, spirit and accomplishments. Because of this many unit patches have intricate designs though some may come in very simple ones like the unit patch worn by the 1st Infantry Division which is designed with a very simple number “1”. The 1st ARMY ACU patch sold at MilitaryUniformSupply.com is just as simple with just the letter “A” embroidered on it. The 1st Corps ACU features a circle on it while the 2nd Medical Brigade ACU patch features the number “2” superimposed on a cross.

One of the most detailed unit patches at MilitaryUniformSupply.com is the embroidered 101st Airborne Patch. It measures 7 inches tall by five inches wide and includes an “Airborne” tab. It features the head of an eagle in side view. Because of its size and intricate design, the 101st Airborne Patch is priced higher than most at $14.99. Some army patches are worn with either the combat uniform or the dress uniform. MilitaryUniformSupply.com offers some designs for both, the Multinational Corps Iraq ACU patch which is available in foliage green for the ACU and the Multinational Corps Iraq Dress Patch which uses black, red and blue embroidery thread.

A US soldier is required to conform to the standards of the US Military and that includes the wearing of the combat or dress uniform. It should fit well, be clean and pressed, and ensure that the placement of patches is correct. The various army patches that can be bought at MilitaryUniformSupply.com answer the need for the different patches that can be worn by a soldier. Flag patches are worn with ACUs but not in dress uniforms. They should also wear rank, name and branch patches current unit and combat patches and special skills patches if applicable. MilitaryUniformSupply.com sells the most widely used as well as the less common army patches in use.

MilitaryUniformSupply.com’s commitment to its customers is based on its desire to provide you with high quality military clothing, accessories and other paraphernalia. If you’re looking for army patches, acu uniforms, military combat boots or any military items, the best place to get them is at MilitaryUniformSupply.com. You can be assured of excellent quality at very competitive prices; just about the two most important things you should consider when choosing the right military clothing supplier.

ACU Patches: From The Simple To The Intricate; You Can Find It Here

Army patches have been used since the Revolutionary War when its main function was to establish the identity of the soldiers. Today, patches are used for other reasons, among which are to signify the soldier’s rank, unit or division and special achievements. Often, army patches reflect the pride and sense of belonging that soldiers have for the unit they are a part of. At the online military store, Military Uniform Supply.com, you can find a great selection of acu patches that adhere to US military specifications. Ranging from ROTC to Ranger patches, MilitaryUniformSupply.com can provide a solution when you need them. The store carries 591 types of acu patches that are attached with Velcro or an equivalent hook fastener.

The army unit patches sold at MilitaryUniformSupply.com come in various designs and match the camouflage pattern of the current ACU. Army unit patches bears symbols representative of the unit’s past, values, spirit and accomplishments. Because of this many unit patches have intricate designs though some may come in very simple ones like the unit patch worn by the 1st Infantry Division which is designed with a very simple number “1”. The 1st ARMY ACU patch sold at MilitaryUniformSupply.com is just as simple with just the letter “A” embroidered on it. The 1st Corps ACU features a circle on it while the 2nd Medical Brigade ACU patch features the number “2” superimposed on a cross.

One of the most detailed unit patches at MilitaryUniformSupply.com is the embroidered 101st Airborne Patch. It measures 7 inches tall by five inches wide and includes an “Airborne” tab. It features the head of an eagle in side view. Because of its size and intricate design, the 101st Airborne Patch is priced higher than most at $14.99. Some army patches are worn with either the combat uniform or the dress uniform. MilitaryUniformSupply.com offers some designs for both, the Multinational Corps Iraq ACU patch which is available in foliage green for the ACU and the Multinational Corps Iraq Dress Patch which uses black, red and blue embroidery thread.

A US soldier is required to conform to the standards of the US Military and that includes the wearing of the combat or dress uniform. It should fit well, be clean and pressed, and ensure that the placement of patches is correct. The various army patches that can be bought at MilitaryUniformSupply.com answer the need for the different patches that can be worn by a soldier. Flag patches are worn with ACUs but not in dress uniforms. They should also wear rank, name and branch patches current unit and combat patches and special skills patches if applicable. MilitaryUniformSupply.com sells the most widely used as well as the less common army patches in use.

MilitaryUniformSupply.com’s commitment to its customers is based on its desire to provide you with high quality military clothing, accessories and other paraphernalia. If you’re looking for army patches, acu uniforms, military combat boots or any military items, the best place to get them is at MilitaryUniformSupply.com. You can be assured of excellent quality at very competitive prices; just about the two most important things you should consider when choosing the right military clothing supplier.


Discover a Great Selection of ACU Unit Patches

While ACU jackets, trousers and boots are the most basic elements of the ACU uniform, details like acu patches help differentiate each army personnel. The online military clothing supplier, MilitaryUniformSupply.com, offers a wide range of choices when it comes to army patches. Their selection of army patches meets the United States’ military specifications and matches the Army Combat Uniform's camouflage design. All army unit patches are available using Velcro or an equivalent hook fastener for attachment. The store also offers replacement items for Velcro patches.

The large selection of army unit patches at MilitaryUniformSupply.com includes different divisions such as Armored, Aviation, Infantry, Cadet, Field Force, Ranger, National Guard, Cavalry, Marine, Medical Brigade, Support Command, and many more. The sheer number of available army unit patches that can be found there is perhaps one of the most complete in the market today. This is largely due to the commitment of MilitaryUniformSupply.com to provide its customers with a complete line of army unit patches for every need. Along with its wide selection of various military clothing and accessories, MilitaryUniformSupply.com can be your one stop shop when buying high quality military gear.

Included in MilitaryUniformSupply.com's inventory of unit patches is the 101st Airborne Patch. It is a big 7 inches tall by 5 inches wide embroidered patch that includes an airborne tab and is designed to be sewed onto a jacket. Because army unit patches sold at MilitaryUniformSupply.com follows military specifications, you don't have to worry about meeting the army's standards if you're using it for official purposes. While the store sells various military items for an assortment of purposes, part of each item's description lets the customer know if the specified item meets military standards. This ensures that what you buy fits the purpose for which you are going to use it.

Army unit patches are meant to be worn officially but are also often used for other purposes such as in fashion or creating detail in camouflage jackets worn in military simulation games. MilitaryUniformSupply.com caters to this need as well. Its enormous selection of army unit patches range from those needed for ROTC purposes to Ranger patches. Coming in a variety of styles, you are sure to find what you're looking for. All MilitaryUniformSupply.com patches that fall under Army ACU patches come in foliage green and are attached with Velcro or an equivalent hook fastener.

The store also carries Multicam flag patches which are commonly worn as a symbol of commitment and pride in the service of one's country. These patches are used with Multicam patterned uniforms and also with other variations of the combat uniform including the current Army Combat Uniform. Flag patches can be attached to ACU jackets with Velcro to ensure convenience.

Emerging as one of the top choices of camouflage designs is the Multicam that carries the OCP or Operation Enduring Freedom Camouflage Design. Military Uniform Supply has a wide array of choices to choose from in Multicam Unit Patches not only limited to those used in the US Armed Forces. At MilitaryUniformSupply.com, you can find Multicam patches for foreign military uniforms like those of Great Britain, Israel and Romania. They also have Calico Jack flag patches and those worn by the Military Police. These patches are attached with Velcro.

So, if you're looking for army acu unit patches, flag patches or even foreign military patches, take a look at the great selection available at MilitaryUniformSupply.com. It can save you a great deal of time and effort as well as money because their merchandise is competitively priced but high on quality.


Know The Different Types Of Shirt Stays And How They Can Keep You Looking Your Best

Shirt stays keep dress shirts tucked in and well fitted to your body. These are devices that use elastic tension to pull the shirt in and prevent it from hanging out resulting to a wrinkle free appearance. Civilians rarely wear shirt stays but military shirt stays are essential for soldiers to look their most dashing when they are in dress uniforms. There are four types of shirts stays with each type achieving the same effect.

The most basic and also the cheapest among the four types is the straight shirt stay. They are also the easiest to use. It makes use of a single length of ribbon made of elastic material and has clips at both ends. These clips are attached to the end of the shirt and at the top of the wearer's socks outside of the legs. The problem with them is the way the clips are constructed. Often, these clips break or lose its grip on the shirt.

Another type of uniform shirt stays are Y-Style Y-Clip dress shirt stays. These shirt stays offer more durability because they have more anchor points and therefore provides better holding power. Because the Y-Clip shirt stay has two clips instead of one, it is deemed more advantageous for the wearer but the durability of the clips still remain in question. Its disadvantage becomes apparent if 2 or more clips break at the same time. Instead of having to contend with just one clip in the case of straight shirt stays, you'll have more to worry about.

The stirrup or foot-loop dress shirt stays offer a better alternative as for keeping dress shirts tight and snug. Instead of clips at the bottom, stirrup dress shirt stays are worn around the foot. It is a more reliable design that prevents the wearer from getting injured in the groin as with the case of straight and Y-clip shirt stays. The quality and construction of the stirrup shirt stay should be ensured to make it serve its purpose well.

The shirt stay belt is constructed differently but is said to be better in terms of performance. Also referred to as shirt locks or sticky belts, it makes use of horizontal tension instead of vertical tension used in the previous three. It provides ease of use as well as reliability. It is worn after you have put on your shirt and tightened before putting on you trousers.

The benefits of shirt stays are primarily centered on its ability to ensure the crisp, clean and well fitting lines of the military dress shirt. The Military Uniform Supply.com, which offers premium military uniform shirt stays ensure quality and durability of all its shirt stays and related accessories. Aside from the military, people in law enforcement, government and business can buy shirt stays to look professional and well turned-out.

Straight, Y-style and Foot-Loop shirt stays are available in black and white at the MilitaryUniformSupply.com. White shirt stays benefit those who wear light colored trousers while black ones are mostly used for dark colored pants. Straight shirt stays are packed in fours for both black and white colors while Y-style and Foot-Loop shirt stays come in packs of twos. Most people buy in multiples to ensure that they won't go without it if the clips break just when they need it.

Military shirt stays make a huge difference in making you look your best in a dress uniform. These devices ensure that you appear crisp and neat at all times. You can find the best quality dress shirt stays in all varieties at Military Uniform Supply.com. If you want to buy 12 or more packs of these items, get in touch with the customer sales department to ensure availability.


Choosing The Best Military Vests

MilitaryUniformSupply.com's collection of military vests is considerable and aimed to provide their customers with protective, practical ones that best suit their needs. Military vests are worn for different reasons but the primary intention is always to protect the chest, back and torso. Its other focus is to provide space for your necessities as you go about your daily tasks, hence the inclusion of multiple pockets in most styles.

At the online military store, MilitaryUniformSupply.com, you'll find military tactical vests in a wide array of styles and colors. They carry MOLLE compatible vests, and tactical SWAT vests along with other types. The store's inventory of military vests; range from field vests suitable for hands-on combat to basic rack vests. While vests come in different styles, many in the MUS.com inventory feature internal hook and loop pockets for armor plates and shooter shoulder pads for maximum comfort.

Aside from the head area, the chest back and torso are the most vulnerable parts of your body. In battle or in a fight, your opponent would most likely go for these areas since they are easy targets compared to the head. Because of this, the use of a protective vest is highly desirable. Soldiers engaged in combat at times, find themselves saved by a bulletproof vest. In situations where guns are used, using a vest that can protect you from the damage caused by weapons frequently mean the difference between life and death.

Military tactical vests are useful in several unique situations. At MilitaryUniformSupply.com, they sell different types of military tactical vests whether you're walking the streets or engaged in a serious battle. Military vests today are made to enhance camouflage, thus, the store carries them in a variety of types and colors like ACU military vests, Woodland military vests, Black tactical vests, Coyote military vests, MultiCam military vests, and army digital military vests. This is to ensure that you'll have what you need when you go shopping in their store.

At MUS, military vests for sale are high quality but also affordable vests for every need and purpose. Different branches of the military and law enforcement agencies have their own standards and rules and regulations to follow. At the store, you'll most likely find what you need because of the sheer number of styles that they carry. Military vests used by soldiers assigned in a combat zone are heavier, which means the level of protection it provides is higher compared to a police officer. What you purchase ultimately depends on the situation you wear it in.

Tactical vests sold at MUS.com are either lightweight or heavily insulated. Lightweight tactical vests are best for warm weather while insulated vests are more appropriate for cold temperatures. Both usually have multiple pockets for storing ammunitions and other necessities.

When buying military vests, a little education about the different types wouldn't be remiss. With its protective benefits, choosing the best military vests your needs and purpose is desirable. Learn how to differentiate and recognize the different types of vests along with its features so that what you buy is worth the money you pay for it.

Military Boots For Work, Recreation And Fashion

Military boots include a wide range of footwear including those designed for combat as well as those intended for more formal wear. Combat boots today are developed to enhance grip, ankle stability and foot protection, features that are necessary for maximum functioning in rugged environments. Traditionally made of hardened and even waterproof durable leather, combat military boots for sale today can be made of various materials that offer maximum comfort, function and durability.

There are many types of military boots that can be purchased online or at your local military supply store. Known to be the most durable shoes in the market, military boots are bought for various purposes by people from all walks of life. They are perfect for work, play and even fashion if one closely follows the trends. General issue military boots and black patent leather shoes rank high in customer preference because they come in basic black are low maintenance but scores high in fashion quotient. While this is so, there are still many types of military boots you can choose from to meet your personal style and needs.

Modern military boots come in leather, various kinds of them; rubber, vinyl, denim material, tough cloth and pseudo leather. Regardless of materials used, buying a pair of military boots ensures longevity, practicality and comfort in great measure. Most people are quick to learn that these types of footwear offer benefits that other types can hardly duplicate. Primarily intended for servicemen who put high demands on them, reliable manufacturers ensure that each pair serves the wearer well.

Military boots are usually developed to suit the activities and the uniform of military personnel. As technology developed and specialized divisions were organized, the need for appropriate footwear followed the pace. As America went to war in various parts of the world, the need for jungle boots, desert boots and extreme temperatures foot gear as well as waterproof boots became more apparent. Military combat boots had to perform maximally to achieve the aspired results of a war campaign.

While black leather became associated with traditional types of military boots, enhanced camouflage demands footwear to go with the uniforms. This is why desert boots come in tan suede and the upcoming Airman Battle Uniform is to be worn with Sage Green Combat Boots. Camouflage is an essential element for safety in the battle field, a fact which has been an important consideration since the nature of war changed early in the 1900's.

Since current events and politics are very closely tied up with fashion trends, military boots became regular features in the catwalk as well. Black patent leather military boots were and still are highly favored perhaps because of its elegance and timeless appeal.

For work, recreation and following fashion trends, there is no other type of shoe that can be appropriate for any of these activities except military boots. Of course, it all depends on personal style and the nature of your work but generally, military boots are the solutions for the different kinds of activities you may find yourself in. Educating your self about the various types of military boots you can buy ensures that you choose the right one for your needs and purposes.


MUS Offers Four New Vintage Military Items

Following up on its promise to add new historical and vintage military clothing and items to its growing inventory, the online military store, MilitaryUniformSupply.com has made four new additions to the collection. Military jackets and trousers, though highly in demand are not the only things that interest an avid collector, after all. Rare and hard to find items are bound to take their fancy better and MUS.com knows it.

Mosquitoes are a constant danger to soldiers when they're in the field. At any time in history, soldiers have to contend with them on top of other life threatening situations they find themselves in. The Germans are no exception which is why the German Mosquito Head Net became part of the accessories issued during the Second World War. A genuine, unused German mosquito head net is up for sale at MUS.com. It's a great protective gear for hunting, fishing and camping if you have a mind to wear it for those purposes. It may also be a unique item which you can add to your collection to make it complete.

Among the new additions in MUS's collection of historical military clothing and apparel is the German Polishing Cloth. This just goes to show that the Germans are fastidious to a fault, ensuring that their servicemen are never caught with dust on their shoes or on any part of their uniform. It can be used practically for dusting, cleaning and polishing. The item sold at MUS.com has never been used so it would be a great add-on to your collection of German Militaria items. Also included in the new vintage offerings is the U.S. M-1 Helmet Neck Band. Used by US soldiers during the Cold War and the Vietnam War, it is made of green webbing for the M1 helmet liner. Its purpose was to keep the helmet at the back of the soldier's head and prevent it from sliding forward.

Among the latest additions at MUS.com's vintage collection is the U.S. Men's Ike Jacket. This one is surely going to get a lot of hits because not only will it appeal to the collectors but also to people who have a passion for fashion. Named after U.S. President Dwight Eisenhower's nickname, the Ike jacket is a military uniform blouson, which is a shortened coat featuring a waistband. Its design was attributed to the New York tailor, William Marler. It was made for use as the second insulated layer and was known as M-44, to be used beneath the M-43. The Ike jacket was a popular piece of garment that spawned versions more specifically designed to suit various environments. It became popular as a golf jacket because Eisenhower was an avid golfer himself. It was the precursor to the golf blouson which was later called the windbreaker. A few big name clothing brands took it up and the rest, as they say, is history. You can find an original Ike jacket for sale at MUS.com.

With the demand for vintage military clothing and accessories, MUS ensures that it will continue putting up new additions for you. Check the store's inventory frequently, as new items are added regularly. You'll most likely find something you'd like to be part of your collection or your wardrobe.


Kid's Military Apparel at Military Uniform Supply

Nowadays, military wear for kids can be found in virtually every military clothing store in the country. Children adore wearing grown up clothes and boys particularly like it a lot. Kids' favorites include kids flight suits, military boots, military t-shirts, as well as camouflage jackets and pants. Often comfortable and easy to wear, parents like its practical features, too. It works well as everyday casual wear and equally fantastic as costumes for special occasions. Definitely, military clothing for kids is as wearable as it is for adults and you can find a wide array of choices for every age at MilitaryUniformSupply.com.

Kids flight suits were, of course patterned after the original ones worn by the Air Force. Similar to jumpsuits, the kids' versions also come in a variety of colors featuring high levels of comfort. If kids' flight suits are made based on the first pieces worn early in the 20th century, it wouldn't be practical for casual wear today unless the weather becomes extremely cold. Then, it is more about keeping the wearer warm because that was before the advent of pressurized cabins. While the flight suits worn long ago featured multiple pockets to accommodate the various necessities of an Air Force man, it wouldn’t have been easy to wear in warm or even average weather.

Another military wear essential that attracts the attention of little boys are kids military boots. Highly durable and available in different varieties, military boots especially the general issue variety are popular choices. Older children who have realized how comfortable they are have no complaints about its looks. In fact, most of them choose to wear them for this very reason. The comfort and convenience it provides are remarkable to parents as well as its durability. It also provides a lot of protection for the feet and we all know that they are probably the safest and certainly, one of the most, if not the most durable type of footwear that can be found in the market. It is not rare to encounter opposition in our children in the kind of clothes and shoes that we like them to wear. Kids’ military boots solves this problem quite well.

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Boonie Hats: Patrol Cap Alternatives For Comfort And Concealment

Likewise referred to as "bush hats", Boonie hats are wide-brimmed hats frequently used by members of the Armed Forces. These types of head gear often feature a tape band made of fabric is sewn around the crown. This band is for holding leaves, twigs and other types of vegetation that can facilitate disguise. The band is also called a foliage ring, clearly in reference to the additional concealment it provides in woodland areas. A strap keeps the bush hat in place and provides stability.

Boonie hats were first used by the U.S. Armed Forces during the Vietnam War. They were used by the United States Army Green Berets, together with members of the Australian and Army of the Republic of Vietnam units. The first camo boonie hats may have been made of tigerstripe camo cloth. These bush hats were evidently locally procured, with the fabric salvaged from uniforms that no longer serve its original purpose. The U.S. Army began issuing the boonie hats, which they called "Hat, Jungle, with Insect Net", in 1967. It was made of wind resistant poplin and cotton in three types, namely, tigerstripe, olive drab and ERDL which stands for Engineer Research and Development Laboratories, fabric. The ERDL is a type of camouflage design made up of four colors in an interlocking pattern. Though developed in 1948, the fabric was not issued until 1967, during the Vietnam War.

The issuance of the military boonie hats in 1967 was for the purpose of supplementing and even replacing the baseball and patrol caps that U.S. Military personnel have been using since World War II. The boonie hat, because of the comfort and shade it provides, eventually found its way to the official uniforms of all branches of the U.S. Military. The cut and design of the boonie hat itself has changed little since its conception in Vietnam more than forty years ago. The current ACU boonie hat doesn't look much different than the previous bush hats that were issued then, except in the design of the fabric used. Boonie hats have been used in Afghanistan and Iraq, serving as alternatives to patrol caps.

Boonie hats come in a variety of camouflage designs. Current official selections include the U.S. M81 woodland design, the three color desert camouflage pattern, the UCP, desert and woodland versions of MARPAT and the Air Force ABU pattern. An Army serviceman who wears a Woodland digital boonie hat expectedly wears his rank insignia pinned to the front, just above the branch loops.

Boonie hats were introduced during the Vietnam War because at that time, it served a purpose. It provided more shade against the hot tropical sun which patrol caps have limited capabilities to provide. Moreover, its design allowed them to put different kinds of vegetation that were found in the environment enhancing concealment. Though it was initially used unofficially, it soon became apparent that it has benefits that are worth exploring thus, it was included as an alternative head gear during the course of the Vietnam War. Until today, the boonie hat is still used as an alternative to patrol caps with the most current ACU although the official head gear for the current uniforms are the combat helmet, patrol cap and the black beret, with the latter being used for garrison duties.

Why Not Choose Kids Camo Clothing For A Costume?

There are several occasions during the year when wearing costumes are appropriate. Almost every traditional occasion is an opportunity to wear something to make it more fun, but no other occasion is more associated with costumes than Halloween. While some moms still make fancy, single-wear costumes, more and more are looking at kids camo clothing because aside from making a great impression, these clothes can be practically worn all throughout the year.

Kids' military-inspired wear come in many varieties and styles. For a kid whose dad or mom belongs to a branch of the Armed Forces, wearing kids military uniforms almost comes naturally and there is no better time to show it off than on Halloween. In terms of practicality, some parents may feel that getting a camouflage outfit complete with military boots is just asking for additional expense. It would seem so initially but your kid can wear his military outfit even on regular days, something which, say, a Roman Emperor costume cannot certainly lay claim to.

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Male children are understandably more inclined towards military costumes for a special occasion. One popular choice for Halloween is kids' ghillie suits. Normally used by military personnel for stealth and concealment, these are fun costume outfits that can be used when playing military simulation games like airsoft and paintball.

Getting your child a great costume for Halloween or any other occasion that calls for it need not be too fancy. However, this would all depend upon you and your child. If you prefer to have something that your child can wear anytime he wants to, kids camo clothing may be your best bet. Practical, economical, durable, comfortable and fashionable to boot, these are clothes that you and your child will find very satisfactory.

The Legacy Of The Battle Dress Uniform

Starting on September 1981 until April 2005, the Battle Dress Uniform, also known as the BDU was the official combat uniform of the U.S. Armed Forces. Presently, only the U.S. Air Force and the U.S. Navy still authorize its use, with the U.S. Navy set to replace the BDU by October 2011. The U.S. Navy, although having no definite timeline as to when they will cease the use of the BDU, states that they have to make do with BDU until a Navy-specific “digital” woodland camouflage uniform becomes available.

The Battle Dress Uniform is called as such because it is designed specifically for combat. This differentiates these garments from the ones used during formal functions and parades, which are called garrison dress uniforms. The cut and design of the Battle Dress Uniform has similarities to the jungle fatigues worn by U.S. soldiers during the Vietnam War. These jungle fatigues, in turn, were based on the specialized uniforms worn by U.S. Paratroopers in the Second World War.

In September of 1981, the woodland BDU first made its appearance as the official Battle Dress Uniform of the U.S. Armed Forces. Mainly based on the woodland colors of Northern Europe, it consisted of green, brown, tan and black colors. The woodland camouflage pattern was first printed on cotton and nylon blend twill cloth. In an effort to make the BDU more comfortable, a lightweight version was released in 1989. The same woodland camouflage pattern was used but this time; it was printed on 100% nylon rip stop poplin cloth. Its release marked the first time that the Army approved a uniform since its withdrawal from Vietnam. By then the BDU has completely replaced all previous camouflage patterned uniforms including the regulation olive drab colored ones that have been in use since 1952.

Though the BDU has, for so long, been the uniform used during armed conflicts, it was highly criticized for its utilization as a general purpose battle dress. It has a lot of disadvantages especially in extreme environments and climates. The most criticized features are its weight, with its attendant heat and sweat-retaining disadvantages. Design efforts to maximize durability and convenience such as reinforced panels and the placement of multiple, large pockets contributed to the heat and nullified the effects of the open weave cloth. Consequently, it raised the risks of skin diseases and inflammatory conditions especially in the sensitive areas of the groin and thigh. The lightweight BDU had to contend with insect stings, which predisposed soldiers to a host of infectious diseases.

The current combat uniform which replaced the BDU is the Army Combat Uniform, also known as the ACU uniform. While the BDU made use of a woodland camouflage pattern for use in the various environments a soldier finds himself in, the ACU ensures that the soldier effectively blends with it. Used by the Army for its ACUs, the Universal Camouflage Pattern or UCP use Desert Sand 500, Urban Gray 501 and Foliage Green 502 as its colors which blend perfectly with desert, urban and woodland environments.

The Multicam pattern is also being incorporated into the ACU. Printed with seven different shades found in the natural environment, the Multicam was initially issued to the 173rd Airborne Brigade. Starting in August of 2010, deployed troops to Afghanistan were given Multicam ACUs. In the latter part of 2010, established soldiers began to incorporate the Multicam OCP uniform. The 4th Brigade Combat Team, 10th Mountain Division was the first Brigade Combat Team to be fully outfitted with Multicam.

The advantages of the ACU over the BDU are many; not the least of which is the improvement of the camouflage capabilities of the fabric being used. While this is so, many people still purchase BDU items for purposes other than wearing it officially. Whether you are looking for BDUs or ACU Universal Camouflage Pattern and Multicam uniforms, you'll find them all at the online store, Military Uniform Supply.com. You can call them at 1-800-336-5225.


Three Popular Helmet Covers Used By The U.S. Armed Forces

The French soldiers were the first to use helmet covers during the First World War. Interestingly, the French were also among the last armies to hold on to their bright colored uniforms consisting of blue jackets and red trousers. While the British changed their army uniforms from red to khaki and the Germans from Prussian blue to field gray, the French insisted on their colorful battle attire. Then, the First Battle of Marne in 1914 came, when they had to march through fields of yellow corn wearing their peacock uniforms. You can guess what happened next and by the following year, they changed their battle attire to something more subdued. Today, combat uniforms and helmet covers are made to blend with the environment; the more inconspicuous, the better. Multicam helmet cover, like the ACU uniform provides maximum concealment in a hostile territory.

Usually made of canvas or cotton, helmet covers come in various camouflage patterns suitable for the environment in which it is to be used. Often matched with the combat uniform, camouflage patterns may be woodland, urban or desert specific. Generally, a flat colored fabric is used to avoid catching the attention of the enemy. Attached to the helmet in varied ways, a helmet cover makes use of a rubber lip which can be peeled or pulled off. It can also make use of drawstrings to attach it to the helmet or by using the helmet suspension system. Today, the armies of most countries use helmet covers that match the camouflage design of their combat uniforms.

Particular attention is given to helmet covers because an uncovered helmet can give your position away very easily. Sunlight glinting against the metal with which it is made of is sure to catch attention. Among the helmet covers used by the U.S. Armed Forces, the ACH helmet cover is popular. Online military outlets like the Military Uniform Supply.com carries the most popular helmet covers in the market. The ACH helmet cover at MUS.com is specifically made for the MICH helmet. Made to match the current ACU, the ACH is made of 55% cotton and 45% polyester using a digital camo pattern. It has a front flap with hook and loop closure and is attached with hook and loop straps.

Another popular choice among U.S. servicemen is the MICH Multicam helmet cover. Made according to U.S. Military specifications, it has four hook and loop fasteners with sewn in buttonholes to enhance camouflage. It is made of 50% nylon and 50% cotton ripstop Multicam fabric and is available in sizes ranging from small to extra large.

The MICH ACU helmet cover at MUS comes in Foliage Green and is made, like the MICH Multicam Helmet Cover, according to military specifications. It also has four loop and hook fasteners with sewn in buttonholes. It is made with the same kind of fabric but in a different color and also comes in sizes small, medium, large and extra large.

All these popular helmet covers provide convenience for changing it if necessary as well as to attachment. Because it follows U.S. military specifications, it provides maximum safety and ease of use. Staying safe in combat is among the priorities of the military though it does not occupy the highest spot. Helmet covers though are likewise essential in the success of a mission.