A New Selection of Camo Clothing for Babies

At Military Uniform Supply.com, you can now find many great choices for infant and toddler camo clothing and accessories. Carrying a wide assortment of camouflage infant clothes, blankets, bibs and many other clothing necessities, you get to choose traditional as well as non traditional camouflage colors like pink. Coming at very affordable prices, MUS.com offers a variety of infant camo T-Shirts in short and long sleeved styles. Made of one hundred percent cotton, these shirts are very comfortable and come in many sizes.

Mostly made by Rothco, MUS.com provides the assurance of quality, comfort and safety because they know that babies are precious. MUS.com offers infant camo T-shirts in Baby Pink, ACU and Woodland Digital as well as shirts designed with words like “Army Brat” and “Thank My Dad.” Reasonably priced at $7.49 for the camo T-Shirts and $7.99 for the designed version, you can get a matching pair of pants for the same cost.

Infants need a variety of infant camo clothing accessories like bibs, crib caps, receiving blankets and fleece blankets and MUS.com offer these as well. You can get an infant camo bib in Woodland, ACU Digital and Baby Pink at $4.99 each, the Baby Pink receiving blanket at $7.99 and the Baby Pink camouflage fleece blanket at $24.99. Crib caps are sold for $4.99 and come in Woodland, ACU Digital and Baby Pink camouflage.

MUS.com provides military clothing items for practically everyone. Check out this online store's inventory of infant and toddler items but don't forget to find something for yourself, too. With many items to choose from, finding something that looks good on you won’t be a problem.


In The Spotlight: M-65 Field Jackets

The M-65 Field Jacket has been revolutionized over the years of its rich history. This style of jacket, once solely for army and military use, is now common for many recreational activities. Learn more about the M-65 field jacket from this video by Military Uniform Supply.

Explore the selection of M-65 field jackets available for purchase at MUS.


The Ideal Civil War Clothing Source For All Your Needs

A country is a product of its past. All the human frailties and strengths that formed its failures and triumphs make up the rich history and the pride of a nation. One of the most notable events in American war history is the Civil War between 1861 and 1865. An internal conflict of ideals that ended up with numerous fatalities, this war shook America to the core, bringing with it untold pain and sorrow as well as the dawning of a new era of hope and progress. Known and unknown personalities of those days were differentiated through their civil war uniforms. Today, Americans reenact those times wearing Union or Confederate uniforms, in remembrance of a war that united the American nation, making it the formidable world power it is at present.

Finding the perfect civil war uniforms for purposes of reenactment is a serious consideration, giving due respect to the role it played in American history. At the online military clothing supplier, Military Uniform Supply.com, you can find perfectly authentic reproductions of civil war union uniforms and Confederate uniforms. MUS.com is the leading internet source of Civil War clothing, accessories, gear and memorabilia, allowing you to come up with high quality vintage Civil War uniforms and battle attires. Carrying an assortment of Civil War gear and artifacts that were used by soldiers in those times, MUS.com ensures the provision of truly authentic Civil War costumes. Catering to adults as well as kids, MUS.com offers Civil War clothing that are so faithfully reproduced, you'll be proud to wear them for whatever purpose you may have a need for them.

Though relatively a new category at MilitaryUniformSupply.com, the store's inventory of Civil War clothing items is considerable. Added on regularly, there is always something new to look forward to every time you log on. The authentically reproduced Civil War union uniforms available at MUS.com are made of blue wool and can be completed with original brass buttons. Buttons played a significant role in both Union and Confederate Civil War uniforms, often featuring the state seal from which a soldier hails from. An assortment of these buttons is also available at MUS.com, with some coming in a variety of sizes that were actually used during those times. The forage caps used by Union soldiers can also be purchased through this outlet.

The civil war confederate uniforms, like the Civil War Union uniforms available at MUS.com are also authentically reproduced, featuring gray wool for both jackets and trousers and fastened on with brass buttons. A wide variety of Civil War Confederate buttons can be purchased to customize these Civil War clothes better. Also available are Confederate forage caps which were used by the soldiers of the South although a lot of them used a wide rimmed leather hat with their uniforms.

With the newly unveiled collection of authentically reproduced Civil War uniforms at Military Uniform Supply.com, you will have a convenient and reliable source for all your Civil War uniform needs, whether you're up for a grand reenactment of the American Civil War, for costume purposes like Halloween or to complete your collection of Civil War memorabilia. Competitively priced but with a high quality that faithfully replicates the actual clothing worn by Civil War soldiers, the vintage Civil War collection of MUS.com can satisfy your discerning eye, making you proud to wear them or include them in your collection.

So if you find yourself in need of Civil War clothing items, accessories and other paraphernalia, check out MUS.com's offerings. Ideal for reenactments, costume and collection purposes, their Civil War inventory features the items you need to perfectly capture the ideal uniform worn by Union and Confederate soldiers.

Visit Military Uniform Supply.com's website at www.militaryuniformsupply.com or call them at 1-800-336-5225 for any questions. MUS.com's customer sales department will be happy to assist you in picking out the perfect Civil War items for your needs. All business transactions are accomplished online and your purchases shipped to the address you provide upon filling up your order forms.


Summary of The U.S. Army 2012 Modernization Plan

The US Army's Modernization Plan for fiscal year 2012 focuses to support budget requests by the President for Army Research, Development and Acquisition of equipment, likewise known as RDA funds.

The Army's 2012 Modernization Plan proposes means to carry out the established goals of the U.S. Army for this specific year. Within the plan, the US Army has prioritized select equipment and essentials for meeting current and future objectives. In part, the emphasis is to enable better preparation for any complex and unpredictable events that may occur.

The Plan takes into consideration the lessons appreciated in wars and conflicts that the United States has had recent involvement. Likewise, it enumerates details and necessities to come up with workable solutions to provide the Army with the equipment and other items to succeed in their operations.

For more information on the 2012 Army Modernization Plan, visit Army.mil.