The Progression of Military Name Tapes

Military name tapes is essentially a name tag that would be attached to the uniform of a military personnel. Military name tapes cannot be placed anywhere on the uniform, there are regulations and instructions laid out to ensure its proper placement. Name tapes are generally worn on the right side of the shirt or jacket, just above the pocket.

Military name tapes can be attached to the uniform by sewing the name tape on the shirt or jacket. The name tape may be a cloth, plastic or a Velcro tape. Military name tapes and tags may also be embroidered onto the shirt or jacket directly. There are digital name tapes available too.

There are a variety of name tapes for various military uniform types:
  • ACU (Army Combat Uniform): Sew on name tapes are no longer used for Army Combat Uniforms. They are name tapes with black letters made from digitized fabric with hook fastener or Velcro.
  • ABU (Airman Battle Uniform): These are name tapes with blue letters and come in twill winter weight material.
  • MultiCam Uniforms: These name tags have black letters and are made on 1 inch MultiCam fabric strips. They are 5 inches in length with Velcro on the back.
  • A-TACS Military Uniforms: These name tapes are 5 inches in length and have a Velcro backing. They are available in olive drab and black threads
  • Woodland BDU (Battle Dress Uniform): The specific colour for Woodland BDU name tapes is olive drab and are made on 1 ¼ inch olive drab fabric strips with black letters.
  • DCU (Desert Camouflage Uniforms): These military name tapes are made with 1 inch cotton webbing tape
BDU and DCU name tapes are the traditional types, whereas Army ACU, ABU, ATACS and Multicam name tapes are newer variety that have progressed in their development.

The main purpose of these military name tapes are the easy recognition. Sometimes their designations can also be seen here. In the battle field a name tape or tag is very useful. Looking at the tape what kind of treatment is necessary that can be decided. In case of emergency this tape also helps to reach their nearest family members.


3 Military-Grade Packs That Promote Optimal Efficiency

Whether as a soldier or civilian, if you are going on outdoor adventure, then you need to have plenty of storage space for the essentials. Military backpacks offer a highly efficient and functional solution to suit your needs. Below we highlight three of the most functional and high performing for all types of situations.

1. Transport Backpack 

If you are under a strict budget, this military backpack would be the perfect one for you. Under $60, you can have military-grade backpack, made from a rugged, synthetic material which offers flexibility. All pockets on the Transport Pack are P/U coated for waterproofing and heavy duty nylon coil, self-repairing zippers for security. It has additional pockets for better organization both in and out of the main pack. The Transport Pack is also easy to carry with padded shoulder straps which are adjustable and carry handle for easy handling.

2. Military Bugout Bag 

Military-grade backpacks offer a great deal of security and stability of your items needed for travelling, especially with the highly function military bugout bag. The bugout bag is made with an abrasion-resistant synthetic 1000-D material and is very durable. Most military bugout bags are coated and waterproof for your convenience, using easy to zip, good-quality zippers for further security. It also has padded waist belts and straps with a carry handle. Its price ranges from $110 to $115 which is fair enough for the quality.

3. 3-Day Assault Pack

For those who are serious travelers or even soldiers on mission, the 3-Day Assault Pack would suit you well. For $160, you can have this military-grade backpack with seven compartments to divide and organize your items. For security, the 3-Day Assault Pack has two straps that offer stability. It also comes in with hydration systems that are essential in the field plus the pockets and the main back pack are waterproof for ease of usage. It is a large back pack 22”x17”x11”with another set of pockets: 2 on the side and one in front. You can find the the 3-Day Assault Pack in MultiCam, ACU, and various other camouflage patterns.

You don’t really have to be a military man to use quality grade back packs for your trips. There are several distributors online that can give you the back pack that you want. When inspecting for a back pack, check the sewn edges for any missed stitches or runs that would have a great impact on quality. Check also the zippers if you have any difficulties pulling it. Check all the pockets for any holes and even the straps outside the bag. While it is rare to find these errors in military-grade bags, it’s still good habit to check.

One big tip for shoppers is to do your research on a specific military backpack that you want online. If you are having difficulties in choosing one, you are free to explore more designs, price ranges and materials used on military-grade backpacks.


Today's Military Uniforms of the U.S. Armed Forces

The U.S. Armed Forces is composed of many branches of the Military. As a result, there are a number of different military uniforms to support each branch, namely the U.S. Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marine Crops.

In this post, we highlight three common military uniforms worn by today's military personnel. Two of these military uniforms (the ACU and Mutlicam) are worn by the U.S. Army, while the other (ABU) is worn by the member of the U.S. Air Force.

ACU (Army Combat Uniform)

The ACU is the latest design of U.S. Military uniform succeeding the Desert Camouflage Uniform (DCU) and the Battle Dress Uniform (BDU). The Army Combat Uniform features several changes in design including a camouflage pattern change from the BDU and DCU.

As one the most cutting edge U.S. Military-issue uniforms, ACU's are designed as a set comprising a pair of ACU Trousers, Headgears, T-shirt, Army Combat Boots and an ACU Jacket. The headgear comprises an advanced combat helmet, fleece caps for warmth, a boonie hat and patrol caps.

The ACU Universal Digital Camouflage is the standard color pattern for the U.S. Army and includes other digital patterns like; the digital desert which is now officially worn by all officers in undertaking desert combats like the Middle East missions including Afghanistan.

The ACU Digital Camouflage pattern is made from synthetic cotton blended to avoid shrinking and treated with Dupont Teflon to resist stain and water. The Army combat uniform is also currently available in two other important versions: Insect resistant and Flame resistant versions.

ABU (Airman Battle Uniform)

The second newly introduced Army gear for the U.S. Forces is the Airman Battle Uniform (ABU) which was adopted by the entire United States Air Force. This transition saw a complete replacement of the Battle Dress Uniform.

The ABU is similar to the ACU in color although it includes a blue color scheme in contrast to the ACU Universal color scheme. The Airman Battle Uniform also incorporates the NIR (near-infra red), which is a similar property with the ACU. However, the hook and loop attachment points and slant pockets are not included in the ABU.

The Tiger Stripe Camouflage based on the Vietnam War is the distinctive pattern in the Airman Battle Uniform. Originally, Tiger Stripe Camouflage was designed for close-range use in thick jungles during the Jungle Warfare of Vietnam. French and American forces used the Tiger Stripe Camo which derives its name from the resemblance it has to a tiger’s stripes.

The first Tiger Stripe camo pattern had 64 stripes but it is unclear who developed this initial design. With over 19 different patterns, the Tiger Stripe mainly features crossing stripes similar to brush strokes which interlock instead of overlapping as is with the regular combat patterns. The patterns are mainly small brown and green stripes interlocked with a larger black brush-stroke to display the effective Tiger Stripe Camouflage.

MultiCam Uniform

MultiCam uniform is a camouflage effort by the United States Army to replace Universal Camouflage patterns which had failed to be effective in the desert sand. This particular Uniform Pattern is proving to be very effective in the Afghanistan War providing a much better camouflage in the desert compared to Universal Camouflage patterns.

The Universal Camouflage pattern was believed to be more effective in all sorts of terrain but the MultiCam pattern proved to be best suited especially in the Afghanistan topography. Multicam is common in many articles of clothing, as well as combat gear, such as MultiCam boots and footwear, backpacks, and other textiles.

Advanced camouflage patterns are aimed at utilizing the digital capabilities of creating shapes that are in close resemblance to the natural objects providing a complete optimum disappearance of the human image at different distances in different locations.


The Purpose & Importance of Infrared (IR) Military Patches

Infrared (IR) patches hold an important function for the U.S. Military. IR patches help signify fellow soldiers in field, thus protecting them from friendly fire. In addition, infrared patches provide crucial information to battlefield medics and hospital staff, such as blood type.

A soldier's IR patch is an indispensable uniform accessory. During the daytime, IR patches can be seen without a visible reflective glow. However during the night, infrared patches become illuminated while being observed through night vision technology.

Purpose & Types of Military Infrared Patches

There are a number of military IR patches for different components of the military-issue uniform. The most common types are IR flags, Army unit patches, and blood type patches.

Infrared flags, or IR flag patches, serve as a type of combat identification used by soldiers. During the night, IR flags help units distinguish soldiers amidst the battlefield.

Holding a similar purpose as IR flags, infrared Army unit patches are designed to help soldiers to distinguish those who are apart of particular Army unit or division. Some examples may include the 1st Army Division IR patch or the 172nd Stryker Brigade IR patch (as shown in the image) which indicate various levels of certification training and military experience.

The final IR patch carries a very important purpose. That is the blood type IR patch. As its name denotes, the blood type IR patch tells medics the specific blood type of a fallen soldier during the dark. As one of the most critical military uniform patches in the field, the blood type IR patch holds great importance to provide adequate medical attention accordingly.

Current Events & Restrictions of IR Patches

During the initial production of IR patches, they were made available for both the military and civilians. This resulted in terrorist regimes such as the Taliban and Al-qaeda acquiring infrared patches for their own use.

Because the coalition attack aircraft were restricted from firing upon anyone wear infrared patches, these terrorist groups were able to avoid attacks from opposing forces.

As a result of this issue, the United States State Department has restricted the exportation of IR patches. Although similar versions of the IR patch have been produced and sold overseas, they are not infrared receptive through night vision gear.

Only select military surplus stores offer IR patches for sale. You can find many different military-issue IR patches to serve many different functions.

This post was contributed by Tyler Tafelsky.


U.S. Army ACU Regulations Summarized

Army ACU
The Army Combat Uniform, or ACU, is currently the official battle uniform worn my members of the United States Army since it was officially launched in June 2004. U.S Army ACU regulations are meant to enhance battle-readiness and discipline through the evaluation, interpretation, revision, and development of acceptable military uniform and insignia dress codes, and personal grooming policies that will improve the image of soldiers and the U.S. Army in general.

An essential component of the U.S Army’s might and efficiency can be attributed to the honor and self-sacrifice that American soldiers contribute through their service by maintaining a consistent military image. Military commanders are therefore responsible for ensuring that personnel under their command present a proper and soldierly appearance at all times in accordance with ACU regulations.

Some of the ACU regulations that are concerned with the various components of a of a soldier’s military uniform include but are not limited to.

ACU Jacket

The embroidered rank insignia is 2 inches in height and 1 3/4 inches wide. It must always be worn centered between the front hook and loop-face pad of the ACU jacket for all U.S Army ranks. The rank insignia’s background may be either the universal camouflage pattern or just plain olive green, and must always match with the background of the name and the U.S Army tapes.

The U.S. flag must without exception always adorn the right shoulder pocket flap of the ACU jacket. Current ACU regulations also require that the Army jacket must never extend below the top of the cargo pocket or go higher than the bottom of the side pocket. Finally, the ACU jacket sleeves must strictly be worn down at all times.

ACU Trousers

The ACU recommended trouser is held up by a two-inch web belt that is made of nylon, and includes Velcro pouches for inserting knee pads. The trousers must always be tucked into the top of the boots or secured by drawing the string at their bottom ends. Trousers must never extend below the third eyelet from the boot’s top. Army Combat trousers manufactured using flame resistant materials are currently standard issue for soldiers being deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan.

ACU Headgear

The ACU typically includes the Advanced Combat Helmet, a cap for patrols, a fleece cap for cold weather, and boonie hat. Green, maroon, and tan berets may be worn in barracks by army special forces, paratroopers and Rangers, in that order. The green micro fleece cap is only allowed for use in the field and garrison outside of unit patrols while camouflage cover rank must always be sewn when worn although its use is limited because it is often obstructed by the night vision device mount.

ACU Undershirt 

ACU military uniforms must be worn with that a moisture wicking cotton tan t-shirt be worn underneath the coat and tucked inside the trousers at all times, while a foliage-green T-shirt made of pure cotton is authorized for wear by soldiers in special training environments or for those deployed in Korea, Afghanistan and Iraq. Black T-shirts are the standard issue for the uniforms worn by certain instructors on Army posts in areas like the Ranger School, Special Forces, Snipers, Jumpmaster, Airborne, Sapper, and Pathfinder.

ACU Combat Boots

Army combat boots for the ACU must be made from tan rough side out cattle hide leather that has a plain toe and tan rubber outsoles. The boots must at all times be diagonally laced using tan laces, with any extending lace neatly tucked into the top of the boot underneath the bloused trousers, or securely wound around the top of the boot.

There are no metallic cleats, side tabs, or zipper tacks that are either sewn or laced in allowed by the ACU regulators. The ACU must at all times be worn with the official tan Army Combat Boots and moisture wicking socks. There is also a Mountain Combat Boot that is provided to cater for tough terrain and Extreme Cold Vapor Barrier Boots for walking on snow and ice. An innovative Modular Boot System is in development to eventually replace the current Army Combat Boot in the near future.

The U.S Army is a uniformed service where a soldier’s discipline is partially dependent on the manner in which they wear their officially sanctioned uniforms, as well as by their personal grooming. A smart and well-groomed appearance by all soldiers is thus essential to a functional Army, and contributes fundamentally to the pride and spirit that are the major drivers of an effective military force.


Show Your Pride With Authentic Military Hoodies

If you are looking to show your military pride, then checking out some these awesome military hoodies is a great way to do so. There is a wide collection ranging from military hoodies of the U.S. Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marine Corps.

Various Types of Military Hoodies

Army hoodies by Rapid Dominance are available in a number of colors including black, olive and coyote. Made of fleece, these lightweight hoodies provide comfort, style and warmth in cool weather. The fabric on these military hoodies is 80% cotton and 20% polyester and so the garment will last you for number of seasons. There are two varieties available in terms of style either a pullover/sweatshirt with hood or a zip up sweatshirt with hood. These are manufactured in all sizes ranging from small and medium to large and extra extra large. Buy them for yourself or gift it to friends and family.

Navy hoodies are available in navy blue and are also made of fleece. Lightweight like army hoodies, the too are very comfortable, lightweight, warm and stylish, all at the same time. Made from the same composition of 80% cotton and 20% polyester, these are durable military hoodies are designed to last you a number of years. These are also available as a pullover/sweatshirt with hood or a zip up sweatshirt with hood. Manufactured by Rapid Dominance, they are available in all sizes from small and medium to large and extra large.

Air Force hoodies are available in navy blue color in all sizes ranging from small and medium to large and extra large. Made of fleece, 80% cotton and 20% polyester as well, these hoodies are stylish, warm, comfortable and durable. Pullover/ sweatshirt and full zip styles both come with a hoodie on top and are manufactured by Rapid Dominance.

USMC hoodies are available in red, black, coyote in all sizes ranging from small and medium to large and extra large. The print is the Marine Eagle, Globe and Anchor and the garment is made of fleece, 80% cotton and 20% polyester. These are smart, comfortable, and durable and will last you for many years. Rapid Dominance too manufactures this like the others above.

Other Types of Military-Style Hoodies

While military hoodies from Rapid Dominance specifically for army, navy, air force and USMC, hoodies by Propper are more general and not linked to a particular branch.

These hoodies available in black, charcoal and navy color and are a part of the SWEEP collection by Propper. These feature:
  • A pull out ID/Badge panel on right arm
  • Zipper pocket on left arm for secure storage
  • Left/right draw CCW access with quiet magnet closure in kangaroo pocket
  • Thumbholes at cuffs to prevent bunching and twisting
Available in all sizes from small to extra extra large, these are stylish comfortable and long lasting.

You can visit Military Uniform Supply's selection of hoodies for the best deals not only in military hoodies but a whole lot of different military clothing.


Top 3 Military-Issue Boots That Meet ACU Regulations

If you are a member of the U.S. Army and were the ACU (Army Combat Uniform), then you will most definitely benefit from buying high quality and comfortable military boots for sale. A good name brand that represents top quality is the first aspect to consider for when searching for military-issue boots. Boots are the only item separating your feet from natural elements, and they are on your feet for the greater part of the day.

To help you pinpoint a great pair of military-issue boots that suit ACU regulations, below we highlight three particular products that have earned solid reviews and respect from consumers.

1. Nike SFB Military Boots 

You are a real athlete with special needs which is why the Nike SFB Military Boots for sale offer you the best modern materials and the latest scientific research provides. This lightweight protective military boot is strong enough to handle everything coming their way.

Some of the features that make the Nike SFB Military Boots so outstanding, include:
  • Engineered from the ground up to fulfill the needs of first responders
  • Quick drying overlay materials
  • Lightweight for high mobility performance
  • No break-in period needed
As many fellow armed forces individuals can attest, you can't go wrong with these military boots made by Nike. The best deal we found for these military boots for sale was www.RangerJoes.com

2. Altama Tan Desert 8" Hoplite Boot  

As you may have already experience, traditional boots aren't exactly friendly when it comes to handling impact and harsh military conditions. These Altama Tan Desert 8" Hoplite Boots are crafted to make your life inside the military much easier so you can focus on what really matters.

Some of the unique features of the Altama Tan Desert 8" Hoplite Boot include:
  • Protective foam impact pods
  • Oil, slip and acid resistant
  • Nylon coated brass innersole
  • Made in the USA.
The impact pods on these Altama military boots allow for a secure and safe feet. Its lightweight design might hide the fact that they protect your feet from everything that can come along from every angle, thanks to their coated brass innersole. For all those who prefer products made in America, these military-issue boots fit the sale.

One of the best online sources to find Altama military boots for sale is MilitaryUniformSupply.com. Here you can find a wide spectrum of military-issue boots from some of the leading brands (including Belleville, shown below.)

3. Belleville Tactical Research TR101 MiniMil Ultra Light Desert Tan Boot

As you might have heard from your fellow companions, not all military-issue boots are good for running. These incredible military boots for sale designed and crafted by Belleville are a high quality solution to that problem, since most of its materials and parts are created to provide a lightweight feel, great comfort, and field tested durability.

The Belleville Tactical Research TR101 MiniMil Ultra Light Desert Tan Boots boast a number of great qualities.
  • Insole: Single density molded EVA
  • Outsole: Slip resistant rubber
  • Midsole: Compression molded EVA
  • Upper: Nylon and leather
These military boots from Belleville are an exceptional option for military personnel who where both the ACU and MultiCam uniforms, two of the most common military uniforms today. In addition to Military Uniform Supply, you can find these military-issue boots available at other large online retailers like Amazon and eBay.

As you can see, the particular features these three choices of military-issue boots become assets in the field. When it comes to quality military boots for sale, you might go for a particular brand, feature or benefits. Just be sure to do your research and be selective. Your feet (and maybe even your life) depend on it.


Features & Advancements in Today's Army Combat Shirts

Whether from Propper, Rothco, or 5.11 Tactical, today's army combat shirts are one of the best tops available for various combat situations. Army combat shirts provide a wide range of features and help protect users from a wide range of elements and hazards.

In this article, we share some the advancements and features behind common army combat shirts on the market.

Materials Used in Army Combat Shirts

Modern army combat shirts are typically made of a 60/40 or 50/50 blend of cotton and nylon that helps in insulating the skin when exposed to high temperatures such as is the case with flash fires and blasts. Unlike polyester or “polypro” the resulting blend does not melt onto the skin and thereby reduces burn injuries.

Nearly all army combat shirts feature a No Melt/No Drip Cordura Baselayer fabric to cover the torso. This extremely light weight and extra comfortable torso fabric unlike heavier Nomex apparels is not only durable but it also reduces chafe, increases airflow between the skin and the fabric thus wicking sweat away from the body.

Features Behind Army Combat Shirts

For the ultimate apparel best suited to the most hostile environments, manufacturers have come up with army combat shirts featuring padded elbows. Commonly called “the SuperFabric abrasion dots”, such elbow pads are designed to provide a good level of durability and protection when a soldier is in crawling position. The rest of the sleeve fabric, just like the Cordura Baselayer fabric making up the torso, is designed to be flame resistant.

Following the discovery that uniform chest and lower pockets can’t be reached especially when a soldier is wearing body armor and thus practically useless, manufacturers have done away with the weight of the pockets on a standard army combat shirt. Instead, the pockets are located on the sleeves where they can be easily accessed.

After phasing out breast pockets, shoulder pockets have become rampant in nearly all army combat shirts being produced today. This adequately addresses known problems when wearing body armor and in addition, the shoulder pockets feature light weight FR zippers that help keep military gear within reach.

Another peculiar feature of nearly all modern army combat shirts is the presence of wrist cuffs. Such hook and loop cuff closures can be easily adjusted to fit a variety of wrist sizes in a way that the shirt assumes a snug fit.

To help in identification, army combat shirts designs have incorporated Velcro loops on the sleeve pockets to help attach a soldier’s name, rank, unit and their flag patches. This feature has done away with the Army Logo that featured in army combat shirt and appeared at the front of the shirt.

Colors of Army Combat Shirts

Most army combat shirts come in camo patterns, such as ACU digital, MutliCam, Woodland, and desert camo. Other designs feature heavily foliage green color, though other options such as sand color body, black, olive drab and khaki color options are also available. Most of the army combat uniform designs can be found at military-issue stores like Military Uniform Supply.

Other features to be found in army combat shirts include: the presence of glint tape holder for IR military operations tape that helps identify friend from foe, sleeves which are gusseted, a mock turtle neck, flat seams to minimize chafing under body armor and pen pocket on forearm for easy access.