3 Exceptional Backpacks for Military & Civilian Use

Choosing the most appropriate backpack might represent a challenging task in some cases, as there are numerous aspects you have to consider if you want to obtain a high quality and very resistant pack that can also offer you numerous other functions.

Considering the elementary details of every military backpack available is essential in this situation. If you are not completely sure regarding the most fitted choice you should make, these three  military backpacks are very suitable for both civilians and military personnel.

The Bugout Bag is the first most appropriate option you have when choosing military backpacks, as it can provide you an impressive number of features and benefits. There are three patterns this backpack provides, including ABU, ACU and Multicam, which present different colors and models, keeping, though, the original design. However, this backpack is not only very suited for soldiers, but it can constitute an adequate choice for all traditional travelers.

The main features of the Bugout Bag are an internal frame, expandable main compartment, rugged and abrasion-resistant exterior, hydration compatibility, panel organization, Molle and Pals panels, tuck away shoulder harness, padded waist belt and a material that is 1000-D Cordura. Choosing this backpack will offer you the possibility to store numerous objects and items, as it has many zippered pockets and open slots available. With a very affordable price for everyone's pocket, this backpack constitutes a very valuable acquisition mostly for military personnel, especially if they need to prepare for war or other military duties.

The 3 Day Pack military backpack is an ideal option for soldiers who prefer effectiveness and functionality instead of style, as it has a very attractive Multicam pattern. This backpack can provide people complete comfort while carrying it, as it includes many remarkable features, like comfort, removable waist strap, heavy duty carry handle, adjustable padded shoulder straps, adjustable sternum strap, an 1000-D Cordura material and many others.

 If you appreciate functionality and comfort and you want to store all the items you need for your trip, the 3 Day Pack backpack represents an excellent choice for all your needs and expectations, as you can carry it easily, without feeling the unpleasant sensation most backpack involve. Its reasonable price makes this military backpack the most suitable option for you, as it can be successfully used any time you need because of its very durable material and complete load stability.

If you have to accomplish a military duty, but you are not extremely sure about the backpack you should use, the Sling backpack is more than adequate for all your needs. Given that it has a very functional and attractive design as well, this military item is right for every soldier and other military personnel who need a backpack with a large storage space and other features included.

There are numerous benefits associated with this backpack and the most remarkable ones are external pockets, padded back, mobile phone case, compression straps, quick-release single strap and carry handle. This backpack can be easily used and it provides complete access to all its pockets, so it is more than right if you need it for military purposes. The Sling backpack has a attractive ACU pattern, which makes it perfect for military duties that require camouflage.

Whether you opt for the Bugout Bag, 3 Day Pack or Sling backpack, all these military-grade backpacks for sale can simplify your military duty and allow you to obtain a large storage space, where you can keep all the items you need in order to succeed.

This post was contributed by Tyler Tafelsky.


The Rise of MultiCam in Today's Military Uniforms & Combat Gear

MultiCam® is a advanced camouflage pattern that's becoming quite popular due to its incredible effectiveness in the field, as well as its unique and innovative design.

MultiCam was designed to disguise users amidst a wide range of environments, seasons, and conditions. The objective behind its creators was to develop a new camouflage that centers on the need for optimal concealment in a wide spectrum of terrain and changing conditions.

While there are a wide range of camouflage options that suit the demands for concealment in specific environments (such as that of today's desert and woodland BDU's), MultiCam is known to be effective in a wide array of landscapes and conditions, making it one of the most revolutionary developments to support the United States Armed Forces.

The Design Behind MultiCam Camouflage

MultiCam camouflage is a complex pattern composed of many different layers and colors. The background color scheme consists of a tan/brown gradient with light shades of green in between. The frontal layers of MultiCam include a green/yellow color gradient with blotches of brown and a slight pink scattered throughout the camouflage's pattern.

The desirable feature behind MultiCam is its ability to conceal a user by deceiving the eye's perception of color. In essence, the visible appearance of MultiCam seems to change from slight green to brown, depending on the brightness and backdrop of the environment. This makes MultiCam uniforms and combat gear ingenious applications for a wide range of situations, particularly for use in the Middle East.

The Emergence of MultiCam in Today's Military Uniforms & Gear

MultiCam uniform attire and gear has exploded over the last few years. For military issue applications, MultiCam uniforms have become increasingly demanding as more combat situations are present in Middle Eastern environments. Retailers like Military Uniform Supply have realized this rise in demand MultiCam uniforms and combat gear.

Beyond military use, hunters and outdoors men are also finding MultiCam to be a unique choice for their attire. The uniqueness of this camouflage pattern has earned recognition amongst many different markets.


Optimal Utility, Comfort, and Style in 5.11 Tactical Taclite Pro Pants

5.11 Tactical Taclite Pro pants have many features that are useful for police forces, tactical teams, military personnel, and casual civilians. The 5.11 Tactical Taclite Pro pants are made of polyester and poly cotton ripstop. This makes them comfortable in hot weather as they are light weight and the material breathes. They are also formal looking which makes you look professional in a work setting.

You can also dress the 5.11 Tactical Taclite Pro pants down when need be and you will be able to create a smart casual look. The fabric of these 5.11 Tactical pants has been treated with HT Teflon wear resistant finish which prevents easy and fast soiling and staining. This enables the wearer to remain clean and neat even when engaged in outdoor activities where you may come into contact with dirt.

5.11 Tactical Taclite Pro pants have also been treated so that they are wrinkle free so hat after you launder them, you do not have to iron which makes their maintenance really easy. These awesome pants from 5.11 Tactical come in a range of colors which include Black, Coyote, TDU Green, Tundra, TDU Khaki and Dark Navy so that you have a wide variety to choose from. You may also opt to get them in different colors if you prefer. The pants are also fade resistant so that they will look good even after constant wearing.

5.11 Tactical Taclite Pro pants have a gusseted crotch which means that there is more space which makes them very comfortable as you have a wide range of movement. This is especially beneficial for people who are tall. The 5.11 Tactical Taclite Pro Pants have enough pocket space to enable you to carry a number of items. The right front part of the pants has an external knife pocket which makes it easily accessible should you need to access a knife.

These pants lsoo have cargo pockets on either side which are also easy to access and are sizeable enough without being cumbersome. In addition, the left cargo pocket has a magazine pocket which can also be used as a cell phone pocket. The front right pocket and the left cargo pocket have been reinforced with Cordura nylon which ensures that when you store your knife and magazine, that they remain safe and are not in danger of falling through as a result of tears and holes in the pants.

In addition YKK zippers, Prym snaps and Horn buttons which are tough and durable have been used so that the 5.11 Tactical Taclite Pro pants will last for a long time. The seat and the knees of the pants have been reinforced with double fabric so that they last long.

Other pockets available are the slash pockets at the back of the pants which are unique to the 5.11 Tactical pants. The belt loops have been reinforced and are thick enough so that you can carry other equipment such as cuffs which make them convenient. There is a brass clip D-loop which is on the belt loop at the front, on the right side which can be used to hook keys, a phone or others.

This post was contributed by Tyler Tafelsky.