2013 Halloween Costume Ideas for Kids: Army & Military Uniforms!

Military Halloween costumes are without a doubt some of the most awesome, especially if you're in Military family. Unlike other Halloween costumes, Military Halloween costumes give your kids a sense of action and excitement while enjoying Halloween night.

It's not easy to find good quality Military costumes for kids. Many Military Halloween costumes are on the cheap side and have basic camo clothing and maybe some face paint. Well if you're looking for Military Halloween costumes for your kids, look no further. We found the solution to find top-quality and authentic Military Halloween costumes. The place is Military Uniform Supply, and they offer an abundance of options.

Authentic Military Costumes for Kids

Unlike other sources that offer only basic army clothing and camouflage for kids, Military Uniform Supply is offers a full line-up of authentic kid's military clothing and uniforms. These kids military uniform packages come complete with everything a kid needs to suit up like a real soldier for Halloween. From the fatigue cap to the uniform accessories, each kid's military uniform includes many different components and authentic camouflage.

At Military Uniform Supply, you can select from various kid's military uniforms. Each package is a miniature replica of an actual uniform of the US Military. From the ACU (Army Combat Uniform) to the DCU (Desert Combat Uniform), all of these army uniforms are truly authentic.

In each 2013 Halloween military costume set, you can find the follow clothing components and accessories:
  • Kid's Uniform Jacket
  • Kid's Uniform Pants
  • Kid's Under T-Shirt
  • Kid's Ball Cap (one size fits all)
  • Uniform Name Tape (customized to your name)
  • Uniform Branch Tape (Select from: U.S. Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines or Coast Guard)
  • U.S. Flag Patch
  • 2 Rank Insignias
  • 2 Authentic Army Unit Patches
In addition to finding complete military uniform packages, you can also buy single articles of military clothing, such as camo pants, jackets, accessories and more. Beyond making your 2013 Halloween awesome, these military uniforms are also ideal for many types of outdoor activities, including hunting, boy scouts, and paintball or airsoft.

To start searching for Military costumes to gear-up for your 2013 Halloween, visit MilitaryUniformSupply.com for all types of Army and Military costumes fo kids.


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