The Rise of MultiCam in Today's Military Uniforms & Combat Gear

MultiCam® is a advanced camouflage pattern that's becoming quite popular due to its incredible effectiveness in the field, as well as its unique and innovative design.

MultiCam was designed to disguise users amidst a wide range of environments, seasons, and conditions. The objective behind its creators was to develop a new camouflage that centers on the need for optimal concealment in a wide spectrum of terrain and changing conditions.

While there are a wide range of camouflage options that suit the demands for concealment in specific environments (such as that of today's desert and woodland BDU's), MultiCam is known to be effective in a wide array of landscapes and conditions, making it one of the most revolutionary developments to support the United States Armed Forces.

The Design Behind MultiCam Camouflage

MultiCam camouflage is a complex pattern composed of many different layers and colors. The background color scheme consists of a tan/brown gradient with light shades of green in between. The frontal layers of MultiCam include a green/yellow color gradient with blotches of brown and a slight pink scattered throughout the camouflage's pattern.

The desirable feature behind MultiCam is its ability to conceal a user by deceiving the eye's perception of color. In essence, the visible appearance of MultiCam seems to change from slight green to brown, depending on the brightness and backdrop of the environment. This makes MultiCam uniforms and combat gear ingenious applications for a wide range of situations, particularly for use in the Middle East.

The Emergence of MultiCam in Today's Military Uniforms & Gear

MultiCam uniform attire and gear has exploded over the last few years. For military issue applications, MultiCam uniforms have become increasingly demanding as more combat situations are present in Middle Eastern environments. Retailers like Military Uniform Supply have realized this rise in demand MultiCam uniforms and combat gear.

Beyond military use, hunters and outdoors men are also finding MultiCam to be a unique choice for their attire. The uniqueness of this camouflage pattern has earned recognition amongst many different markets.


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