An In-Depth Review Of Propper ACU Jackets for Sale

The ACU jacket by Propper™ is a military-issue field jacket that is approved for dynamic duty use in the U.S. Army. ACU jackets are becoming increasingly popular for both military and civilian use due to the jacket's exceptional functionality and features.

Some of the primary features behind Propper ACU jackets for sale include (but are not limited to):
  • Wrinkle, fade and shrink resistant
  • Highly durable due to the felled seams throughout the ACU jacket
  • Bellowed pockets with drain holes
  • Two-way zipper that is covered and has a cloth pull
  • External openings for elbow pads
  • Hook and loop closure at sleeve cuffs (that are adjustable)
  • Three pen pockets on the left sleeve of the ACU jacket
  • Designed to meet military specification FQ/PD 07 – 13A
  • Compliant with the NIR (Near Infrared)
Propper put a lot of time and effort in design the standard-issue ACU jacket. The demand for these ACU jackets for sale extends for beyond military use, as hunteres and outdoorsmen also utilize the ACU jacket from Propper for various applications.

Features of Propper ACU Jackets

The ACU jacket is made from a NIR-approved rip stop fabric that constitutes 50% nylon and 50% cotton blend. It also has an adjustable fit thanks to the hook and loop sleeve cuff closures. The sleeves also have a three-pen pocket and other minimized shoulder pockets that allow the jacket fit best with an Outer Tactical Vest (OTV). The pockets and pouches of ACU jackets are military designed specifically for military purposes. This ensures that equipment and other necessary military gadgets are carried around with ease and comfort.

Composition of Propper ACU Jackets

The felled seems throughout the jacket make it strong and resistant to tear. This ensures that the jacket can come through any situation or event while still in perfect condition. The resistance of the jacket to fade means that it can withstand exposure to a number of weather elements. The ability not to shrink and wrinkle also helps in supporting the durability of the jacket. This means that it can be washed and would still fit perfectly and would not require any ironing too. The cloth pull zipper of Propper ACU jackets for sale makes it easy to open and close the jacket. Additionally the zip is unlikely to be damaged as it is covered.

The fact that the jacket has no buttons waves off the worry of them falling off while crawling or carrying stuff around. This is made futile by the use of the hook and loop closures. The jacket also comes in a variety of shades that offer great camouflaging effects making it a great outfit while out for an adventure.

The durability factor of Propper jackets (and their apparel in general) makes them stand-out from other military clothing brands. ACU jackets blends in with numerous environments and surrounds, particularly green foliage and rainy or foggy weather. It can be argued that the Propper ACU jackets for sale offer some of the best features compared to other field jackets on the market.


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