A New Selection of Camo Clothing for Babies

At Military Uniform Supply.com, you can now find many great choices for infant and toddler camo clothing and accessories. Carrying a wide assortment of camouflage infant clothes, blankets, bibs and many other clothing necessities, you get to choose traditional as well as non traditional camouflage colors like pink. Coming at very affordable prices, MUS.com offers a variety of infant camo T-Shirts in short and long sleeved styles. Made of one hundred percent cotton, these shirts are very comfortable and come in many sizes.

Mostly made by Rothco, MUS.com provides the assurance of quality, comfort and safety because they know that babies are precious. MUS.com offers infant camo T-shirts in Baby Pink, ACU and Woodland Digital as well as shirts designed with words like “Army Brat” and “Thank My Dad.” Reasonably priced at $7.49 for the camo T-Shirts and $7.99 for the designed version, you can get a matching pair of pants for the same cost.

Infants need a variety of infant camo clothing accessories like bibs, crib caps, receiving blankets and fleece blankets and MUS.com offer these as well. You can get an infant camo bib in Woodland, ACU Digital and Baby Pink at $4.99 each, the Baby Pink receiving blanket at $7.99 and the Baby Pink camouflage fleece blanket at $24.99. Crib caps are sold for $4.99 and come in Woodland, ACU Digital and Baby Pink camouflage.

MUS.com provides military clothing items for practically everyone. Check out this online store's inventory of infant and toddler items but don't forget to find something for yourself, too. With many items to choose from, finding something that looks good on you won’t be a problem.


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