Summary of The U.S. Army 2012 Modernization Plan

The US Army's Modernization Plan for fiscal year 2012 focuses to support budget requests by the President for Army Research, Development and Acquisition of equipment, likewise known as RDA funds.

The Army's 2012 Modernization Plan proposes means to carry out the established goals of the U.S. Army for this specific year. Within the plan, the US Army has prioritized select equipment and essentials for meeting current and future objectives. In part, the emphasis is to enable better preparation for any complex and unpredictable events that may occur.

The Plan takes into consideration the lessons appreciated in wars and conflicts that the United States has had recent involvement. Likewise, it enumerates details and necessities to come up with workable solutions to provide the Army with the equipment and other items to succeed in their operations.

For more information on the 2012 Army Modernization Plan, visit Army.mil.

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