The Progression of Military Name Tapes

Military name tapes is essentially a name tag that would be attached to the uniform of a military personnel. Military name tapes cannot be placed anywhere on the uniform, there are regulations and instructions laid out to ensure its proper placement. Name tapes are generally worn on the right side of the shirt or jacket, just above the pocket.

Military name tapes can be attached to the uniform by sewing the name tape on the shirt or jacket. The name tape may be a cloth, plastic or a Velcro tape. Military name tapes and tags may also be embroidered onto the shirt or jacket directly. There are digital name tapes available too.

There are a variety of name tapes for various military uniform types:
  • ACU (Army Combat Uniform): Sew on name tapes are no longer used for Army Combat Uniforms. They are name tapes with black letters made from digitized fabric with hook fastener or Velcro.
  • ABU (Airman Battle Uniform): These are name tapes with blue letters and come in twill winter weight material.
  • MultiCam Uniforms: These name tags have black letters and are made on 1 inch MultiCam fabric strips. They are 5 inches in length with Velcro on the back.
  • A-TACS Military Uniforms: These name tapes are 5 inches in length and have a Velcro backing. They are available in olive drab and black threads
  • Woodland BDU (Battle Dress Uniform): The specific colour for Woodland BDU name tapes is olive drab and are made on 1 ¼ inch olive drab fabric strips with black letters.
  • DCU (Desert Camouflage Uniforms): These military name tapes are made with 1 inch cotton webbing tape
BDU and DCU name tapes are the traditional types, whereas Army ACU, ABU, ATACS and Multicam name tapes are newer variety that have progressed in their development.

The main purpose of these military name tapes are the easy recognition. Sometimes their designations can also be seen here. In the battle field a name tape or tag is very useful. Looking at the tape what kind of treatment is necessary that can be decided. In case of emergency this tape also helps to reach their nearest family members.


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