3 Military-Grade Packs That Promote Optimal Efficiency

Whether as a soldier or civilian, if you are going on outdoor adventure, then you need to have plenty of storage space for the essentials. Military backpacks offer a highly efficient and functional solution to suit your needs. Below we highlight three of the most functional and high performing for all types of situations.

1. Transport Backpack 

If you are under a strict budget, this military backpack would be the perfect one for you. Under $60, you can have military-grade backpack, made from a rugged, synthetic material which offers flexibility. All pockets on the Transport Pack are P/U coated for waterproofing and heavy duty nylon coil, self-repairing zippers for security. It has additional pockets for better organization both in and out of the main pack. The Transport Pack is also easy to carry with padded shoulder straps which are adjustable and carry handle for easy handling.

2. Military Bugout Bag 

Military-grade backpacks offer a great deal of security and stability of your items needed for travelling, especially with the highly function military bugout bag. The bugout bag is made with an abrasion-resistant synthetic 1000-D material and is very durable. Most military bugout bags are coated and waterproof for your convenience, using easy to zip, good-quality zippers for further security. It also has padded waist belts and straps with a carry handle. Its price ranges from $110 to $115 which is fair enough for the quality.

3. 3-Day Assault Pack

For those who are serious travelers or even soldiers on mission, the 3-Day Assault Pack would suit you well. For $160, you can have this military-grade backpack with seven compartments to divide and organize your items. For security, the 3-Day Assault Pack has two straps that offer stability. It also comes in with hydration systems that are essential in the field plus the pockets and the main back pack are waterproof for ease of usage. It is a large back pack 22”x17”x11”with another set of pockets: 2 on the side and one in front. You can find the the 3-Day Assault Pack in MultiCam, ACU, and various other camouflage patterns.

You don’t really have to be a military man to use quality grade back packs for your trips. There are several distributors online that can give you the back pack that you want. When inspecting for a back pack, check the sewn edges for any missed stitches or runs that would have a great impact on quality. Check also the zippers if you have any difficulties pulling it. Check all the pockets for any holes and even the straps outside the bag. While it is rare to find these errors in military-grade bags, it’s still good habit to check.

One big tip for shoppers is to do your research on a specific military backpack that you want online. If you are having difficulties in choosing one, you are free to explore more designs, price ranges and materials used on military-grade backpacks.


  1. Most military backpacks have modular designs. What this means is that users are able to stack on or attach more stuff on with ease. Owners of small tactical backpacks can easily attach pouches if they need more storage space. military backpacks

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