Advancements in Camouflage & Uniforms

The Army Combat Uniform, or more commonly called the ACU, is an official uniform of the United States Army. It is a design of camo that was made to change the Battle Dress Uniform (BDU) and the Desert Combat Uniform (DCU) of the 80s and the 90s. Unlike the other uniforms before, the ACU is composed of more variations of color in addition to being more complex in pattern. The camouflage patterns had gone through series of experiments before it was fully approved to be used in operations. These experiments have found the ACU to provide enhanced mimicry in a wide range of conditions while lessening the silhouette of soldiers from infrared visualizers. Overall, the US Army has achieved its goal developing a new pattern that is highly versatile for a number of military units.

The ACU is made of fifty percent cotton and fifty percent nylon. It is said that Army Combat Uniform provides a breathable feel and is comfortable for a number of conditions. There are ACU jackets and pants that deliver many features. The jackets have a hook and loop fasteners for carriers and other accessories. The ACU Uniform also is complete with army name tags, patches, boots, socks, and a cap. The clothing makes up the ACU is also wrinkle resistant, and some styles are fire resistant.

Military clothing has emerged from a simple 3-color camo to highly specialized patterns that can conceal and individual in multiple environments. Even both the woodland BDU Uniform and DCU Uniform are evolving as the demand for top notch army clothing increasing. To learn more or buy ACU, BDU, or DCU uniform clothing, check out one of the military surplus stores on the web.


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    The ACU is the culmination of many months of research and development, developed by Soldiers for Soldiers, and is the uniform of choice by the overwhelming majority of the Army’s leaders and Soldiers.

    The ACU consists of a jacket, trouser and patrol cap in a new universal camouflage pattern in addition to a moisture wicking t-shirt and various military surplus gears such as Army Combat Boots (suede tan) for either temperate or hot weather climate.

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