The Ever-Changing ACU (Army Combat Uniform)

The Army Combat Uniform is used during operations in many different areas. It is made of good material and designed with many unique camouflage patterns to choose from. Experiments are in fact conducted to make camo designs more effective for added mimicry. Indeed, the soldiers need to be one with their environment, espcially in different locations, elevations, and climates. The patterns used in the Army Combat Uniform also lessens infrared silhouette, making it difficult for the opposing side to track down soldiers using infrared devices.

The ACU comes with certain name tapes. ACU name tapes are for the purpose of identification. They are made using the same textile as that of the uniform, only that the name, branch, or rank is embroidered. Name tapes for the ACU are embroidered black letters and can come with a hook fastener that may attach the uniform. There are also sew-on name tapes which are growing in popularity.

There are also ACU patches that come with Velcro or equivalent hook fasteners so that you may be able to remove or attach them easily. Units and division patches can also be directly sewn into the clothing of the military personnel. ACUs always come with the name, rank, and certain patches for official soldiers. There has always been trouble whether or not the aforementioned things were to appear with the velcro or hooking fastener, or to be sewn. Military and army officials are coming to an agreement on the standards for ACU specs.

What really is better? Using fastening equipment like Velcro, or just having everything sewn? With the Velcro-type, name tapes and patches are easily applied and removed. However, with velcro, thier is the risk of the name tape or patch to be unintentionally removed. One solution that officails claim to be the best method is to embroider everything onto the uniform. In this case, you would not have problems with it being lost.

The Army Combat Uniform has been changing through time. Stay up to date on the latest changes of the ACU on the Army & Military Blog.

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