All About Multicam Unit Patches

Patches have been used by major formations of the Army of the United States of America. Each has its own unit patch and that the military person must have each unique patch. It has been a part of the military uniform ever since. It is usually worn on the upper left shoulders of the uniform. The Multicam pattern of the Army Combat Uniform has been used and that there exists multicam unit patches. They are embroidered on the multicam pattern textile. The textile is a 7-color pattern of shades of tan, brown, gray, green, or pink. This would increase the mimicry for the army in combat. Furthermore, the silhouette that it may have when seen with infrared goggles are lesser compared to other patterns available. It has been through great experimentation that the said pattern has been approved. Nowadays, the multicam pattern is used by the United States Army for the operations in Afghanistan.

Before, multicam patches were sewn directly into the uniform itself. This makes it non-removable in case of busy operations and that there are no possibilities that it would be lost. This was the traditional way of having multicam patches with the uniform itself. Nowadays, there has been a slight difference with the way it is being put on. There are Velcro and hook fasteners to try and put into the uniform. The Velcro type can be removed easily and changed in case it is the wrong one. Also, it is easily attached and removed whenever you would want them to. The patches are to be worn in the Operation Enduring Freedom Camouflage Pattern (OCP) uniform. It was derived from Crye Precision's proprietary pattern. The Velcro has been the method of attachment to the ACU SSI uniform. It depends on the wearer on how the unit patches would be attached to their own respective uniforms. What is important is that the military personnel would be identified with the use of the unit patch.

The multicam unit patch is worn for identification sake. The most common part for it to be worn is on the shoulder, but sometimes, it is also worn on other places. Some are sewn directly or embroidered into the same multicam textile. A lot of patterns are available and that there are different designs that you could choose from, depending on the unit that you are included. They come in prices that are affordable enough and that you would never have problems on locating the right pattern for you. You can try searching over the Internet for the multicam unit patches that are available, look at the picture of how they would look like, and their specifications.

Multicam uniforms are never complete without the unit patches that come with it. No matter what formation you are into, a unique patch is indeed available for you. Try weighing the benefits and decide on what you would want to have to be properly identified. Multicam patches are out in the market and it is never a problem to have one.

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