Uniform Spotlight: The MultiCam

The MultiCam pattern has gained great popularity over the past couple of years. Why are army and military units choosing this design of camouflage over other designs? An interesting read of this article might quench your thirst for knowledge and may be able to help you discover the unique characteristics of the MultiCam.

Uniforms and gear made in the pattern of MultiCam are composed of seven amazing colours. You might notice that it is somewhat different from those that are just composed of two or three colours. Traditional combat gear of the past is simply composed of little colours. Despite that, certain patterns do pass experimental trial for combat, thus, enabling them to be used in operations. The colours of the MultiCam are tan, brown, dark brown, olive green, yellow green, green brown and tinges of pink. All these colorous create a pattern of blotches that make an interesting whole to increase level of mimicry in the environment. With respect to these advanced camo features, the MultiCam has been approved to be the preferred combat uniform used by U.S. Army units in Afghanistan.

There are a lot of things sold on the market that have the unique pattern of the MultiCam uniform. Combined, these items can almost give you a sense of complete camouflage from head to foot. The complete MultiCam uniform is composed of a hat (depending if it's a boonie hat, patrol cap, or helmet cover), the military top (by means of a shirt and jacket), pants, socks, and boots. There are also accessories that are included like name tapes, badges, and patches. Below is a rundown of each component.

For head gear, the boonie hat comes first. It is wide and stiff and also has foliage rings to carry twigs for a more camouflage effect. For the helmet, most military clothing stores have two helmet covers are available: one is made of cotton or nylon, which is the MICH. The other passes the military specification of PASGT Kevlar.

The body clothing of the MultiCam is composed of a shirt made of a hundred percent cotton for more comfort. It can be short-sleeved or come in long sleeves according to your choice. The jacket is however based on specific military specifications and is made with ample storage by its many pockets. A selection of pants are available, also tailored based on military specifications. There are also MultiCam pants that have flame resistance features. There can also be a lot of accessories such as belts, patches, and badges to the complete the MultiCam uniform.

Indeed, the MultiCam uniform is design that will aid soldiers in the Middle East. With high functionality, innovative design features, and intense utility, it is a good design choice for years to come.

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