A Closer Look into the Army Combat Uniform

The Army Combat Uniform (or the ACU) is the uniform worn by the United Sates Army. As the ACU has been acclaimed, its use of multiple camouflage patterns helps it to be rarely seen amongst the right conditions. There are common patterns in the ACU that are like the Universal Camouflage Pattern and the MultiCam. As troops in military are beginning to apply the latest versions of the MultiCam and ACU, the commercial sale of the Army Combat Uniform has increased.

The Army Combat Uniform consists of different items that may cover you completely from head to foot. ACUs have an array of things to offer. The headgear can be a boonie hat or a patrol cap. The boonie hat is wide and the patrol cap is soft and straight-sided. There are also helmet covers available designed to meet the standards of the Kevlar helmet. They are made of nylon, cotton, or polyester.

For the body gear, they have a hundred percent cotton-made shirt. They also have jackets made to ACU standards. The ACU jacket has hook-and-loop backed attachments for items such as badges, patches, and other accessories. It is especially made to decrease infrared silhouette. The U.S. Flag insignia is also present on most ACU uniforms on the right shoulder area.

Trousers are designed with a number of pockets, all with Velcro for security. Also, the ACU has a special line-up of belts, and knee patches are also optional for more protection. By special request, a pair of flame resistant ACU trousers is readily available for extreme conditions.

For footwear, there are special boots and footwear made especially to the ACU standards. The boots must meet specific color specifications to match the Army Combat Uniform.

That is almost everything with the Army Combat Uniform. The ACU is an interesting outfit filled with complexities and functionality of some of the most advance uniforms. They are indeed made for the people who are brave enough to serve the country and its people.

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