Ghillie Suits: Insights for Combat & Recreation

The term “ghillie” was referred to by the Englishmen before as to those assisting in hunting expeditions and stalking deers, and also fly fishing in Scottish Highlands. The actual suit was invented by the Scots as a portable hunting blind. However, the first ghillie suits for military use were created by the British Army for their first sniper unit. The Australian Amy's sniper unit also had their own name for their version of the Ghillie suits. They called it Yowie, since it resembled a hominid which is similar to the Yeti. Thus, the ACU ghillie suit, along with other ghillie suits, are sometimes referred to as “Yowie suits.”
Since then, ghillie suits have always been used as brush-style camouflage clothing. It has been indeed effective to blend the wearer to their surrounding environment, thus, concealing themselves from targets and possible enemies that lurk in the same grounds. It is three-dimensional, making a great resemblance of heavy foliage.
There has been a question whether or not ghillie suits are suitable enough in the operation field. It is because there are concerns on the weight it has that the wearer must carry. It may indeed be uncomfortable when used in places with moderate to high environments. Furthermore, the pieces may be at risk to be burnt easily.
Ghillie suits for sale are manufactured carefully. High-quality ghillies, are made by hand and that some of the military snipers construct them on their own, though it may take some time. Many ghillie suits are assembled into six pieces, making everything detailed enough. Once in the field, the ghillie suits can be customized by the wearer by adding more twigs, branches, leaves, and other materials found in the field to increase mimicry.
Are there really good ghillie suits in store? The answer depends on where you shop. But for the most part, yes. Five piece Ghillie suits are manufactured and that they are available in different types with varying colors. There is this something for desert, woodland, ACU, or even the snow, which looks way different with its white and gray tones. Stores also have the complete ghillie suit kit, with 7 colors of jute or burlap to create any pattern you like body and head netting. Some ghillie suits are fire retardant and designed to add natural vegetation. You can also design it if you would want to wear it when standing or in crawling position. The paintball ghillie suit is a unique one since it comes with extra burlap in five colors to match the environment, three applications of fire retardant, and that it could fit over the paint ball mask and still lightweight with only 3.5 pounds.
Whether or not you would need a ghillie suit for encounters or just pure fun, you can surely search around stores that could give you a fair price on their ghillie suits on sale. Coming in an array of different colored materials, you must consider the working environment you would be into so that you would not have any much of a problem with visibility. Enjoy having your own ghillie or yowie suit.

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