ACU Patches: From The Simple To The Intricate; You Can Find It Here

Army patches have been used since the Revolutionary War when its main function was to establish the identity of the soldiers. Today, patches are used for other reasons, among which are to signify the soldier’s rank, unit or division and special achievements. Often, army patches reflect the pride and sense of belonging that soldiers have for the unit they are a part of. At the online military store, Military Uniform Supply.com, you can find a great selection of acu patches that adhere to US military specifications. Ranging from ROTC to Ranger patches, MilitaryUniformSupply.com can provide a solution when you need them. The store carries 591 types of acu patches that are attached with Velcro or an equivalent hook fastener.

The army unit patches sold at MilitaryUniformSupply.com come in various designs and match the camouflage pattern of the current ACU. Army unit patches bears symbols representative of the unit’s past, values, spirit and accomplishments. Because of this many unit patches have intricate designs though some may come in very simple ones like the unit patch worn by the 1st Infantry Division which is designed with a very simple number “1”. The 1st ARMY ACU patch sold at MilitaryUniformSupply.com is just as simple with just the letter “A” embroidered on it. The 1st Corps ACU features a circle on it while the 2nd Medical Brigade ACU patch features the number “2” superimposed on a cross.

One of the most detailed unit patches at MilitaryUniformSupply.com is the embroidered 101st Airborne Patch. It measures 7 inches tall by five inches wide and includes an “Airborne” tab. It features the head of an eagle in side view. Because of its size and intricate design, the 101st Airborne Patch is priced higher than most at $14.99. Some army patches are worn with either the combat uniform or the dress uniform. MilitaryUniformSupply.com offers some designs for both, the Multinational Corps Iraq ACU patch which is available in foliage green for the ACU and the Multinational Corps Iraq Dress Patch which uses black, red and blue embroidery thread.

A US soldier is required to conform to the standards of the US Military and that includes the wearing of the combat or dress uniform. It should fit well, be clean and pressed, and ensure that the placement of patches is correct. The various army patches that can be bought at MilitaryUniformSupply.com answer the need for the different patches that can be worn by a soldier. Flag patches are worn with ACUs but not in dress uniforms. They should also wear rank, name and branch patches current unit and combat patches and special skills patches if applicable. MilitaryUniformSupply.com sells the most widely used as well as the less common army patches in use.

MilitaryUniformSupply.com’s commitment to its customers is based on its desire to provide you with high quality military clothing, accessories and other paraphernalia. If you’re looking for army patches, acu uniforms, military combat boots or any military items, the best place to get them is at MilitaryUniformSupply.com. You can be assured of excellent quality at very competitive prices; just about the two most important things you should consider when choosing the right military clothing supplier.

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