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Military name tapes are essential to come up with a complete Armed Forces uniform, be it the US Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines or Coastguard. These name tapes are attached to daily working uniforms as well as flight suits. Serving as a non optional source of identification along with army unit patches, the wearing of name tapes is a must for every serviceman on the job. Military supply stores have a wide variety of custom military name tapes to choose from depending on the branch of the Armed Forces to which you belong. These retail or online stores also serve the needs of simulation military games enthusiasts if they want to get name tags to get a more genuine feel of the game.

As a source of identification, military name tapes are quite popular although servicemen can get name tags in metal or plastic, too. Compulsory for every soldier to have, a name tape identifies yourself from others and as such, its acquisition should be taken as seriously as the other elements of the military uniform you are honored to wear. It is not enough to have it made by just any military uniform supplier in the next block. You have to look for one that ensures that your name tapes meet the regulations put forth by your military branch. It is very important to ensure that you provide the correct spelling of your name. The military senior officials address their members by their surnames and name tapes enable them to identify you correctly.

Depending on the uniform, you can get monogrammed or embroidered name tapes which can be used for Class A or Class B military uniforms. Usually made of a digitized fabric on which your name is embroidered, it is often attached with Velcro tapes or hook and fastener although the US Army has made new regulations regarding its use. A military uniform without a name tape is considered incomplete without a source of identification that follows military regulations. Regardless of its size compared to other military uniform essentials, it is am important component that you can’t do without or be allowed to do without.

It is not only the members of the military who have a need for military name tapes. People engaged in simulation military games like airsoft and paintball get theirs too because it lends the game the authenticity of a real battle. Often, a team put for this specific purpose comes up with a team name and they can also use it in lieu of the unit patches.

Shopping around before making the purchase should enable you to choose the best supplier for you. Custom military name tapes are designed to ensure that your name is spelled right and the right colors are used for the uniforms you intend to attach it to. When deciding on making a purchase, keep in mind that you have to provide a few days’ lead time to give the supplier adequate time to make it. A single name tape won’t cost you too much. Often going for six dollars a piece, these tapes are often purchased in sets to ensure that won’t be caught without a spare if you lose or damaged one.

High quality custom military name tapes can be bought in many reliable army surplus suppliers. One online store you can rely on is militaryuniformsupply.com if you choose to shop on the web. They carry a wide array of military name tapes for every branch of the military and can be depended upon to provide you with your name tape needs for whatever purpose you have for it.

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