Supply Sergeant: Continuing a Tradition of Quality Merchandise and Excellent Service

In the seventeen years that MilitaryUniformSupply.com has existed, the online store has provided its customers with high quality and long lasting military items at very competitive prices. They have also aimed to provide you with top notch service and their good reputation stands testament to the fact that they have succeeded. The new army supply store, Supply Sergeant is part of MilitaryUniformSupply.com. Like MilitaryUniformSupply.com, it puts a high value on commitment and dependability as well as good service for its clients. Supply Sergeant’s specialty includes name tapes, name tags, BDUs and DCUs, flight suits, combat boots, jungle boots, jump boots, tanker boots, cargo pants, cargo shorts, duffle bags, navy pea coats, military style t-shirts and a lot, lot more.

Supply Sergeant is a trusted supplier of many army units of the US Armed Forces. Offering military uniforms that conform to military specifications, the store sells some of the most popular military combat uniforms. Their inventory includes Army Combat Uniforms, Airman Battle Uniforms, Battle Dress Uniforms, Desert Combat Uniforms, Multicam OCP Uniforms and A-TACS Uniforms. Aside from these they also carry Tiger Strip and Digital Camouflage military uniforms as well as solid colored uniforms and urban camouflage.

Kids’ military uniforms and accessories are some of the most popular items in an army supply store. It’s understandable because kids just love dressing up and for little boys, soldiers in uniform are among the most idolized figures of their young lives. At Supply Sergeant, you’ll have a great many choices ranging from kids’ military uniforms, coveralls and flight suits, kids’ ghillie suits, kids’ military boots, T-shirts, hats and caps, customized name tapes and patches. They also sell kids’ jackets and outerwear, long sleeves, thermals and sweatshirts, shorts, belts and socks as well as other military gear and accessories.

For military footwear like shoes, boots and socks, Supply Sergeant carries a wide inventory that serves men, women and children. Their military boots are made of various materials such as black leather, desert tan, sage green, Multicam and olive drab. They also have it in various designs like the popular black military boots, desert tan boots, jungle boots, jump boots, tanker boots and many others. Oxford dress shoes are also available if you are interested. Kids’ and women’s military boots can also be found there in a variety of colors, designs and styles. Other related items like socks, boot blousers, laces and zippers and care items such as boot polish are also sold.

As part of MilitaryUniformSupply.com, the Supply Sergeant ensures that the over-all service and merchandise are at par with what clients expect from MilitaryUniformSupply.com. They want to earn and keep your patronage and they ensure that they will work hard for it. If you’re looking for something specific, ask the assistance of the customer service department. They’ll be glad to help you out in any way they can. If you’re a new client and just about to check out what Supply Sergeant has to offer, just log on to www.supplysergeant.com.


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