Know The Different Types Of Shirt Stays And How They Can Keep You Looking Your Best

Shirt stays keep dress shirts tucked in and well fitted to your body. These are devices that use elastic tension to pull the shirt in and prevent it from hanging out resulting to a wrinkle free appearance. Civilians rarely wear shirt stays but military shirt stays are essential for soldiers to look their most dashing when they are in dress uniforms. There are four types of shirts stays with each type achieving the same effect.

The most basic and also the cheapest among the four types is the straight shirt stay. They are also the easiest to use. It makes use of a single length of ribbon made of elastic material and has clips at both ends. These clips are attached to the end of the shirt and at the top of the wearer's socks outside of the legs. The problem with them is the way the clips are constructed. Often, these clips break or lose its grip on the shirt.

Another type of uniform shirt stays are Y-Style Y-Clip dress shirt stays. These shirt stays offer more durability because they have more anchor points and therefore provides better holding power. Because the Y-Clip shirt stay has two clips instead of one, it is deemed more advantageous for the wearer but the durability of the clips still remain in question. Its disadvantage becomes apparent if 2 or more clips break at the same time. Instead of having to contend with just one clip in the case of straight shirt stays, you'll have more to worry about.

The stirrup or foot-loop dress shirt stays offer a better alternative as for keeping dress shirts tight and snug. Instead of clips at the bottom, stirrup dress shirt stays are worn around the foot. It is a more reliable design that prevents the wearer from getting injured in the groin as with the case of straight and Y-clip shirt stays. The quality and construction of the stirrup shirt stay should be ensured to make it serve its purpose well.

The shirt stay belt is constructed differently but is said to be better in terms of performance. Also referred to as shirt locks or sticky belts, it makes use of horizontal tension instead of vertical tension used in the previous three. It provides ease of use as well as reliability. It is worn after you have put on your shirt and tightened before putting on you trousers.

The benefits of shirt stays are primarily centered on its ability to ensure the crisp, clean and well fitting lines of the military dress shirt. The Military Uniform Supply.com, which offers premium military uniform shirt stays ensure quality and durability of all its shirt stays and related accessories. Aside from the military, people in law enforcement, government and business can buy shirt stays to look professional and well turned-out.

Straight, Y-style and Foot-Loop shirt stays are available in black and white at the MilitaryUniformSupply.com. White shirt stays benefit those who wear light colored trousers while black ones are mostly used for dark colored pants. Straight shirt stays are packed in fours for both black and white colors while Y-style and Foot-Loop shirt stays come in packs of twos. Most people buy in multiples to ensure that they won't go without it if the clips break just when they need it.

Military shirt stays make a huge difference in making you look your best in a dress uniform. These devices ensure that you appear crisp and neat at all times. You can find the best quality dress shirt stays in all varieties at Military Uniform Supply.com. If you want to buy 12 or more packs of these items, get in touch with the customer sales department to ensure availability.


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  3. A single attachment point at the top of a Y-style shirt stays divided into two straps in a Y-shape. Each strap attaches to the with assignments help online of your shirt before joining your socks or the lower portion of your pants.