MUS Offers Four New Vintage Military Items

Following up on its promise to add new historical and vintage military clothing and items to its growing inventory, the online military store, MilitaryUniformSupply.com has made four new additions to the collection. Military jackets and trousers, though highly in demand are not the only things that interest an avid collector, after all. Rare and hard to find items are bound to take their fancy better and MUS.com knows it.

Mosquitoes are a constant danger to soldiers when they're in the field. At any time in history, soldiers have to contend with them on top of other life threatening situations they find themselves in. The Germans are no exception which is why the German Mosquito Head Net became part of the accessories issued during the Second World War. A genuine, unused German mosquito head net is up for sale at MUS.com. It's a great protective gear for hunting, fishing and camping if you have a mind to wear it for those purposes. It may also be a unique item which you can add to your collection to make it complete.

Among the new additions in MUS's collection of historical military clothing and apparel is the German Polishing Cloth. This just goes to show that the Germans are fastidious to a fault, ensuring that their servicemen are never caught with dust on their shoes or on any part of their uniform. It can be used practically for dusting, cleaning and polishing. The item sold at MUS.com has never been used so it would be a great add-on to your collection of German Militaria items. Also included in the new vintage offerings is the U.S. M-1 Helmet Neck Band. Used by US soldiers during the Cold War and the Vietnam War, it is made of green webbing for the M1 helmet liner. Its purpose was to keep the helmet at the back of the soldier's head and prevent it from sliding forward.

Among the latest additions at MUS.com's vintage collection is the U.S. Men's Ike Jacket. This one is surely going to get a lot of hits because not only will it appeal to the collectors but also to people who have a passion for fashion. Named after U.S. President Dwight Eisenhower's nickname, the Ike jacket is a military uniform blouson, which is a shortened coat featuring a waistband. Its design was attributed to the New York tailor, William Marler. It was made for use as the second insulated layer and was known as M-44, to be used beneath the M-43. The Ike jacket was a popular piece of garment that spawned versions more specifically designed to suit various environments. It became popular as a golf jacket because Eisenhower was an avid golfer himself. It was the precursor to the golf blouson which was later called the windbreaker. A few big name clothing brands took it up and the rest, as they say, is history. You can find an original Ike jacket for sale at MUS.com.

With the demand for vintage military clothing and accessories, MUS ensures that it will continue putting up new additions for you. Check the store's inventory frequently, as new items are added regularly. You'll most likely find something you'd like to be part of your collection or your wardrobe.


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