Benefits Of Using Shirt Stays For Both Military And Formal Attire

We often admire the way military personnel carry their uniforms. The perfect fit of military clothing is indicative of the high standards of the Armed Forces but its achievement is ensured with the use of shirt stays. Practical and worn beneath the military uniform, shirt stays keep shirt tails tucked inside the trousers which prevent them from hanging out. They are also referred to as uniform shirt garters or shirt holders and while they are commonly associated with formal military dress uniforms, men also use them when wearing formal attire.

Shirt stays come in three different types although all three have the same purpose and generally works on the same principle. Whether you are using straight, Y-Style or Foot-Loop styles, these shirt stays work by pulling shirt tails down to ensure a snug fit. Straight and Y-Style shirt stays have clips on both ends which are attached to the ends of the shirts and tops of socks. Foot-Loops have clips that are attached to the shirt but are anchored to the foot in the same manner that a stirrup is used.

Shirt stays are great for military uniforms and formal dress wear because it makes sure that shirts stay wrinkle free; all the while providing a tight and smooth fit. It prevents shirts from frequently escaping the confines of the trousers in the course of one's duty and therefore allows him to be confident that his uniform looks neat and well put together all the time. The advantages of wearing shirt stays are not only exclusive to the military. Any one who wants to look good in formal wear can benefit from wearing shirt stays. Law enforcement officers, government officials and business executives are just some of those who can benefit from wearing shirt stays aside from military personnel. Men attending an important occasion where they are required to wear formal attire, benefit from shirt stays, too. There are numerous occasions like attending the prom, weddings, formal parties and others wherein a pair of shirt stays come in handy. Whether for work or socializing, ensuring that your shirt tails stay where they belong creates a favorable impression to people you come in contact with.

Because outward appearance reveals so much about us, taking care that clothes fit well is an essential part of good grooming. It is an important part of military training but everyone who wants to create a good impression can hardly afford to neglect it. It is not realistic to believe that a professional and tidy appearance in men can be maintained without the help of shirt stays when considering the usual duties that one has to attend to over the course of the day. Though suspenders are sometimes used, they work more like regular belts and cannot effectively prevent shirts from bunching out. Unlike shirt stays they are worn outside the shirt which makes them less preferable options as well.

Aside from its benefit on one's appearance, military shirt stays makes the person who wears it feel secure that he doesn't need to fix his shirt frequently. The need to periodically ensure that your shirt tails are not hanging out of your trousers or bunched around your waist can be tedious. This is why shirt stays are practical. They are not costly, considering what they do for your appearance. While military shirt stays are so-called because it is the military that makes the most use of them, however anyone can benefit from it in helping them create a wrinkle free and neat appearance as well as a good impression on others.

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