New, Unique Military Products at MUS

Military Uniform Supply continues to add top quality products to their website of over 24,000 items. A few new products that were recently added to the MUS inventory offer great utility for army and military personnel.

The first new product is a stainless steel field mirror. This handy survival item can be used in many ways, including shaving and personal hygiene, sending signals, applying camouflage paint, and for tactical operations. The stainless steel military field mirror measures approximately 3 inches x 3 7/8 inches and will fit into most pockets or into a camouflage pouch available for purchase at www.MilitaryUniformSupply.com.

Next on list of new products at MUS is the identification tag card holder. The ID tag card holder features a metal clasp that easily attaches to pockets and clothing. It measures 3 1/2 inches x 4 1/3 inches and is an affordable way to supply an organization with large quantities of ID holders for upcoming meetings, classes and seminars.

Military Uniform Supply also now offers plastic blue infantry discs for Army Infantry soldiers. These plastic infantry discs are designed to fit underneath the U.S. Gold Lapel Disc and the Infantry crossed rifles gold lapel disc worn on the collar of the U.S. Army Class A Dress Uniform. The blue discs make the infantry soldier’s Green Service Uniform unique, especially when accompanied with the Blue Infantry cord, which is also for sale at www.MilitaryUniformSupply.com.


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